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Improving Vitamin A Nutrition and Deworming for Poor and Vulnerable Children

Nutrition and Health Sector Icon
September 1, 2006
January 9, 2009
USD 1,215,880
Project has gender component.

Project Information

The project aimed to reduce child mortality and morbidity and improve physical growth, cognitive development and future productivity of 1.8 million children in poor provinces; and improve impact, reach and cost-effectiveness of Government investments to improve nutrition; including the reduction of anemia and vitamin A deficiencies.

Its key performance indicators were:

  • Building the capacity of the National Institute of Nutrition (NIN), 18 provinces, 173 districts, and 27,498 local village health posts along with community volunteers and non-government organizations (The Women’s Union and others) for sustained community-based delivery of vitamin A and de-worming tablets twice annually.
  • Expansion of the biannual vitamin A capsule campaigns to an additional 720,000 children from current coverage of approximately 900,000 children (those in cohort 6–36 months) to coverage of 1.8 million children (for cohort 6–60 months).
  • Biannual distribution of deworming medication (mebendazole) to benefit approximately 1.8 million children in the cohort 12–60 months of age (currently none are receiving).
  • Reduction in the prevalence of vitamin A deficiency (50%), anemia (75%), and parasitic infection prevalence (40–80%) in project areas.
  • Establishment of a sustained government financing for biannual distribution of vitamin A capsules to all children 6–60 months and de-worming tablets for children 12–60 months.

Complementary Information

The project had a gender target.

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