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General FAQs

  • What are the types of food security and agriculture activities contained in the database?

    The database contains all donor-supported/funded projects in agriculture and food security in Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam. These range from projects that are provincial in scope to those at the national (country-level) and regional (several countries or Lower Mekong region) levels.

    You will find here information on the following:

    • Projects - project title, description, start and end dates, budget, status, geographical coverage, donor and implementing organizations, sector under which the project is classified (e.g., crop production, animal production, policy, etc).
    • Partners – this refers to donors and funding agencies and implementing organizations, which can be national government agencies, development and civil society organizations (NGOs). The partner information contains their address, phone numbers, organization email address and if available, name of the contact person.
    • Geo-map that plots the location or areas of operation of the projects
    • Stories on food security and agriculture concerning the LMR. These can be news stories, event announcements and press releases, feature articles, blog posts, and videos. Unless specified, these stories are written and produced by our project staff.
    • Tweets on relevant food security and agriculture issues in CLMVT

  • What are the sources of the information in this database?

    The information from this database was collected from the following sources:

    • Publicly existing databases in Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Thailand and Viet Nam
    • Website of government agencies in these five countries
    • Donors and development organizations’ websites
    • Data provided by ministries and national government agencies

    We are currently establishing country focal points that will work closely with us in regularly providing updates and new information on food security and agriculture activities in their countries.  We also invite local, national and international organizations with activities in food security and agriculture in the Lower Mekong Region (LMR) to share their project information with us.

    Check our FAQs for editors for more information.

  • Is the information in the database certified or vetted by any organization?

    Information collected from public online platforms (e.g., governments and organizations’ databases and websites) is taken as it is. To the extent possible, we also conduct a cross-check of the information from various sources available.

  • How often is the database updated?

    We strive to update the database at least quarterly or at any time we receive new or updated information from the country focal points. 

    However, organizations that have signed up as editors can update their project and organization information at any time. These organizations will also receive an email quarterly alert from us reminding them to update their entries.

  • Are all projects in the website counted only once?

    No, they are not. Projects may be counted more than once because:

    • Many umbrella projects are divided into several sub-projects and implemented by different organizations. Thus, the sub-projects could be documented separately as independent projects.
    • Information of the same project could be documented by several databases which are managed by various organizations, for example, government agencies and INGO networks.
    • Several regional projects are counted repeatedly according to the number of countries in which those projects are implemented.
    • Projects categorized under several sub-sectors will also be counted repeatedly according to the number of sub-sectors they belong. 

  • How do I browse project information?

    You can easily search for food security and agriculture projects in the database in a number of ways.

    1. Using the Geo-map. On the Home page, you can click on any of the colored areas on the maps (representing the five countries) and it will list all projects both ongoing and completed in the selected country. Alternatively, you can also do a country search using the “Countries” tab on the Menu bar.
    2. Using the Project Sectors tab. Projects are also classified into agriculture and food security sectors. Click on the “Sectors” tab on the Menu bar or any of the sector icons at the bottom section of the Home page.
    3. Using the Partners tab. You can also see the projects that are being funded and/or implemented by certain agencies. In the “Partners” tab in the Menu bar, select the organization you want and their page will list the projects including their roles (as donor, main implementor or partner).
    4. Using the Search bar. Simply type in a keyword on the Search bar on the upper right corner of the Home page to see matching search results. You can also use the “Advanced Search” function to streamline your search for particular projects according to start and end dates, gender component, provinces in the country in which the project is being implemented, budget, etc.

  • Why should I subscribe to the Mailing List?

    Join our Mailing List to get monthly updates from us on new food security and agriculture projects in the LMR, updated projects, and featured stories on selected projects.

    We welcome general public users as well as donor and organization contacts.

  • What is the "Add Your Project/Register Your Project" feature?

    We encourage donors, development organizations and national key agencies with projects on food security and agriculture in the LMR to sign up as editors so they can use the Add/Register Your Project feature of this site.

    This grants access to the Editor Dashboard for editing and updating project and organization information and adding new projects to the list.

    Go to the FAQs for Editors to learn more about how this works.

Project Sectors

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