A Gift for Gillian

driving. Ok, the beautiful, nearly naked women were also part of my motivation.Anyway, Faith was having some problems, and knowing my line of work, asked me if I could help. She was quite up-front with the fact that she didn't have any money. I was up-front too - I don't compromise my ethics for a fuck. I would help her as my "charity case" for

Caz 1

sweetie" she purred, reaching for my rapidly hardening Cock."Go see to the teenager. I have all night. She thinks I'm out of town."Without a word, she moved towards the bathroom. Knocking meekly, she let herself in.I heard the shower turn on and went over to the couch, figuring they would be a while. It wasnt long before I heard the familar sound

Eli & Kady

clit and two fingers rubbed right on her G spot, she could barely keep it together. She looked up to the ceiling, and felt the walls start to melt around her as her climax took over. His hand grasped behind her, keeping her from falling as shudder after shudder shook her in his arms. His tongue never relenting as the last waves of her orgasm

Destiny Ch. 01

they saw the lady not tied her long hair, no glasses, no trousers, long dress, with a young gentleman got into the restaurant. Jeff always speak out the point: ‘You know what? I always thought Kaitlyn is just a college student with similar age like us, but now, it seems she is a lady, our teacher, and far away from us high school students.’

Jen the Jewel

what a time to be alive..." It takes him a minute to recover but pulls an envelope from his bottom drawer and puts it atop his dark mahogany desk, "That should be everything, $300 for services and I got those points on your license removed as well."I smile and go about getting presentable before stepping out of his office, "Why thank you, Mr.

Kinky Reunited

********I had known Sean for far too many years. We met when I was seventeen on the bus on the way to college and started chatting. Soon we were regularly bumping into each other on the bus when our schedules matched. It was very innocent light flirting and small talk at first, but we soon became good friends meeting up at different times.About a

Public Use

getting soft, until it popped out, no longer able to resist my anus squeezing it out.Then, I started feeling the goo leak from my anus. Utterly humiliated, I kept repeating in my mind "Get it off, get it off, wash me off! I don't want people to see me like this!". Fortunately someone, my friend or one of the other people in the room, came over

Teaching Tim (part 2)

lube all over my dick. I put the tip of my dick against his asshole. "You're not sore from yesterday are you?" I ask. "No. Not at all. I was fingering my ass before you got home." he replies. "Really." I respond. "Yeah, I was pretending it was your dick in there." he coos. I could only grin at that as I pushed my dick into his cute little

Sex with my brother Lee

I lost count. It’s just that I remember the first and second jets in every detail, maybe because it was such a powerful experience for me at that age. I do remember though that he continued squirting powerful jets of sperm at me for a few seconds and I was drenched with the stuff. Some hit me in the mouth and my hair directly, but he aimed

The Demons Harem Part One: The gathering

eyes. Short and stalky with huge swinging cocks. Darker colored than the rest of their bodies, and considerably large for their short stature. There were 8 other girls huddled together in the cell, covered in only their sleeping dresses. Their heads down, scared to look up and attract attention.The guards,five of them, stood around aimlessly,

Sister's Fate - Emily's Ordeal

her to once again keep her mouth shut.The next morning at breakfast Billy’s parents were quite surprised at how their kids were getting along. Rosalyn was surprisingly quiet and Billy was smiling; odd as he was just punished the day before. As Billy got up from the table to leave his father followed him out of the room and asked him what was up?

Price of Past Miracles Ch. 09

if I’ll ever be able to trust you not to hurt me like that again.’ When she started to speak, he put his hand up to stop her. ‘I know… part of this was my fault in the beginning for not telling you about our ruse. But you took it too far… you didn’t even explain what it was you thought I had done and I had no clue because I never even gave that

Coffee, Cards and a Cabin

I’ve made the trek up here.’ ‘Five of them with me! The other fifteen…who knows? I don’t ask,’ Jacob chuckled, emerging from the log cabin with a bottle of Kahlua coffee liqueur. Tyler, Brooke’s boyfriend of six months, followed close behind holding a couple of mugs. ‘Oh come on honey! You know I was a virgin when I met you!’ Amy said, holding

Making the First Move

she thrummed with pleasure, quaking beneath him.Ryan swore and gathered her into his arms, pressing his cheek to hers. He slammed inside her over and over, breathing hard against her flushed skin. His intensity thrilled her, his thrusts bringing on little aftershocks that trickled through her. He held her so close she felt the rumble move through

The Tabatha Diaries - Ch 3

was friendly and open and seemingly innocent. Tabatha always looked like she was scheming and hiding something. Jo had pale skin, but she tanned to a dark brown in summer, like me. Tabatha didn’t tan at all. Also like me, Jo had hazel eyes. But where mine were blue, with a brownish green centre, Jo had green eyes with an orange brown centre.


her tits, Jason ran through the normal dietary requirements that were to apply for a further week. The screams that Fatcunt let out during her cropping had given way to a quiet sobbing until the blood flow returned to her tits and she whimpered more loudly, while new pains and sensations flowed through her."Monday and Thursday , the only thing to


is whether you’re sweet little lesbian pussy can take it again so soon?” We both laughed at him getting his own back for our gay taunts earlier.Nothing needs to be said. He climbed into bed and was quickly backed inside my pussy riding me as he had been last evening. The sex was so new to us, there was no foreplay, but I hoped that with time, we

Alice Deflowered 1

gentleman and a pier of the realm. He was not an uncivilized barbarian. An honest appraisal of the situation was that lord Elton couldn’t resist tight young pussy or the even tighter little anal cavity that these zesty youngsters inevitably possessed. Elton craved the youth and inner fire of these budding virgins as they became addicted to the


then she came. And she came. And the spunk mixed with the piss and joined together to pool on the floor. I could not hold out any longer and my whole being was transported above my physical self. I could look down and see these two fornicating women from above and the experience just blew my mind. I felt my head expand and I reached nirvana. I

Me and my little sister-part two

was out, my dad came to my room and asked if I was ready to have some fun. I didn't know what to say, so I just stared at him, until he said that he wanted to watch me get sucked off by my sister. I kind of nodded, not knowing what to say, and he left my room. A minute later, he came back with my sister and told her he wanted to watch her suck my

Lactating Nipples

I was awake and some days I wasn’t, but she was always there and she always had a smile for me when I walked out sleepy-eyed. Now, 10 plus years later we had both grown up. Oh yes, we had. I never realized just how quiet the darling young lady who lived two doors down from me back in the day really was. She never had much to say to anyone. For

A Victorian Pony Girl Pt 1

like a bridle, he produced a metal bar. "this is the bit, so as we can let thee know when to stop it goes here." he lipped it into her mouth, the rust grating on her tongue. "Fuck, wont fit" he said."Hold up, open thee gob."She opened her mouth showing her full set of yellow teeth,"Agghhh" she squealed, as Ernie ripped out her back tooth with his

Beyond Uncool: My Birthday

whole reason for sharing that story was to tell everyone what an asshole Van was.That’s right, not the sex with my sister, the Van is an asshole thing is what’s important. You see after Van banged my sister, he turned around and immediately banged the other girl that had just given me a BJ. This pissed my sister off more than it did me because I

Seducing Gary - Part One

I talked to him in the lunch room. We became friends very fast. I had to jerk off before I saw him to hide the hard on I would get just being with him. I would accidently brush against him and watch. He never flinched and I took that as a good sign. After a few weeks of this cat playing with his food, I decided to go for the kill. I invited him

For James

and the sinews tighten like bowstrings, he eased the pressure, just enough to hold her for a moment.James helped Janet to sit up and slide the nightgown over her head. Then he laid her back down, gently turning her onto her tummy. Reaching to the table, he took the warm lotion and poured a thin trail of droplets down her spine. Janet felt the

My Weekend in Portland Ch. 08

slowly thrusting my thumb into her pussy. She gave a muffled moan.Raising my head, I removed my tongue from Ruth's ass and replaced it with my longest finger, gently pushing until it was completely buried in her warm flesh. Her ass muscles gripped my finger fiercely, then relaxed and gripped again. I slowly withdrew my finger, then just as slowly

Creating My Hot Wife 11

crowd of men were positioned in the sideline soft lighting or shadows. Oh... I can't forget this... Before things got really started, Sharon would require everyone to strip. Yup, strip! And she did it in the most provocative way. For instance, imagine being there as a new person, pretty nervous and self conscious and not wanting to do it. Sharon

At the Theme Park

mind. In spite of my self, the situation had drawn me in more fully than usual and I had let the control over my own body lapse. As I reacclimated, I realized my head was drooping to the side in an awkward fashion, and some passersby were noting me with a strange look. I snapped to adjust myself and tried to act casual, rising off the bench to

Kidnapped and owned.

sorts of contraptions set up along the walls. Ropes, floggers, paddles, an entire wall filled with drawers and on the far corner of the room, a vault-like contraption with a metal plate situated in the middle and foot stirrups on either side. Walking over to the drawers, they sort through numerous items finally coming back with three different

Trip out of town

as your ocean blue eyes were fixated on my erect cock, hidden behind my pants. You rose up and located a blanket and pillow from the overhead bin. You covered our laps and placed my hand on your knee as you settled in against me, pretending to get in position to sleep the last half of the trip. But underneath the blanket, my hand was moving

The Game – Part 2

her eyes to look at the clock, before she rolled out of bed. It was six-thirty am, time to get up, and get the older kids ready for school. In a few hours, she would have the house to herself again. She had to get everyone off to their various daily activities first though, and this meant ushering kids to the buses, and driving her husband to

A Holiday Weekend In The Dorm

bragged.  “Why? They involve boys?” teased Bret.  “You’d be surprised,” Colton countered without thinking.  “Ohhh?” Bret said.  Trevor turned his head and looked at Colton who was only inches away. Colton knew he’d said too much, but he wasn’t going to back down. He turned his cup up and drained it. Bret held the vodka bottle up, asking without

Strip and Rape

a strong pair of hands grasped hers from behind and tugged her last piece of clothing off her hips. With her panties removed, her lady parts were now revealed for all to see. Wan Ling looked around the circle to see every face laughing, grinning or eyeing her body indiscriminately. She looked over to the pretty monitress and saw her give her

Step-sister Surprise 2

Come to bed with me.""Why do I have the feeling we aren't going to sleep?""We are. After I ride you so hard you scream.""Think you can do that, huh?""I know I can.""Then I guess I'd better let you prove it."Henry kicked off his pants and boxers, leaving them in the middle of the floor. It wasn't like anyone would find them; his father and

A Letter to My Lover

my waist, one hand sliding down into my thong, over my now dripping pussy. You bend me over and slide the thong over my ass, down to my ankles, taking care to kiss the globes of my ass and place a kiss over my wet hole on the way down. Now that my panties are off you can see my womanhood in all its glory, clean shaven lips glistening with my

My First Time Part 4

series and then heading off to a tropical island to find some more inspiration. Now, let’s get back to the story.John carried me over to the bed and I smiled hugely as I knew what was to come. He dropped me roughly onto the bed and removed both of our robes before pouncing on top of me. His hard calloused skin caressed mine as he moved, and even

Meeting The New Neighbor, Chapter 1

pushed out her tits towards me. Obviously, she wanted me to inspect them closer. Chrissie wasn’t wearing a bra, yet her tits stood tall and firm and the points of her nipples had become stiff and were trying their best to poke holes in her top.“Thank you, John,” she said, “I’m glad I made such a good first impression. No, there was no guy there

Horny on a Saturday Morning Part II

that drives you mad, as you grasp me by the ears and pull me closer. I am lightheaded between the sensation of your sweetness and the lack of oxygen (loosen your grip please) so I release and come up for air. I look up into your eyes, and I see a glaze of desire and teardrops welling in your eyes. My view is partially obscured as your breasts

Captured and Claimed Pt 2

depraved ideas that i had in mind for these two slaves. The many many whispered fantasies i had used to drive marys sexual peaks were going to be just a begining, i would explore every dark and twisted sexual fantasy i could think up and put the two of them to the test of ultimate submission. ultimate submission had nothing to do with what i

Swing Time

own mouth. Mary found herself on the edge of a climax as the two tongues drove her libido into overdrive. Then Bruce slipped in between her wet inner lips and stiffened his tongue. He drove it inside her as her body rocked uncontrollably on his tongue. She screamed her orgasm just as James walked through the door. ‘I guess you started without


to be a short peck in front of Dave, but she threw her arms over my shoulders and pulled my head down to give me a deep, wet, luxurious tongue tussle. Her smile held through it and I found myself enjoying her declaration of affection and smiling back at her as we kissed. ‘Come on, guys, don’t rub it in, huh?’ Dave implored from a safe distance.

Embrace the Dark, My Beloved: Part One

definitely needed to be replaced with something less nerve grinding. Across the vast complex, I heard the rear kitchen door open. Tuning my focus to the faint noises coming from there, I could make out the familiar clicking of Nicole’s stiletto heels. But there was more. She wasn’t alone and that set my blood afire. It surged through my veins,

Owning My Boss

difficult now. Like, how many times have I managed to see you in the last month?” “Twice.” “Quite.” He told me that it wasn’t enough for him. He was finding himself thinking about me all the time. It was affecting his performance as CEO. He needed me ‘on tap.’ Therefore, the only viable solution was for us to start fucking on a regular basis here

Hung black guy and a pregnant white girl

still stuck out beyond his hand. He had not sent me a fake picture. That was Jason. “Come in my pretty little slut. Come in and shut the door.” I entered the room and closed the door behind me.“Come here.” Jason removed his hand from his cock and it tipped down till it almost touched his stomach, pointing at his chin. I stepped over next

She Chose Me

feels to lose a loved one, but just because he’s lost his family doesn’t mean he can steal mine.’ I was losing it. That’s what the pacing was all about, trying to control my aggression. ‘How is any of this supposed to be to my advantage? Just tell me that.’ ‘I’m coming to that, Mr. Jennings. Mr. Sandford appreciates the way you have cared for his

Suburban Sadist - Origin

given you $2000. You think I’m a fucking slut? Cum? Get the fuck out of my house!” I shouldn’t have been surprised that Tiffany finally got physical. She grabbed my collar and pulled me to my feet. “Get the fuck out.” She was almost hysterical as she pushed me towards the door of the lounge.It took all my strength to respond, “Otherwise…,” Mrs

Ambitious Experiments

sleep next to her in the sunlit hotel room was the last time he saw Anna face to face. It was hard to come back to reality after such games. Hard to come back to what they had been before. - - - Matthew twirled the silk rose in his fingers, carefully considering the various lives they had lived. He dropped the silk rose to the table and picked up

Harry Potter And the Ring Of Salazar Part 2

Potter And the Ring Of Salazar Part 2Harry was still in the memories of McGonagall eating a 11 inch shit log when he enter the great hall. Everyone was eating and almost no one realize he had enter the room. He got to his set next to his girlfriend and was almost surprise they keep him one. They were all doing thing and no giving him any

Timing Is Everything…

proof is in the filling. Therese was her name. Shaped in voluptuous form that pushed the boundaries of everything. Lips almost too thick. Ass almost too big. Breasts almost too round. But they weren’t. They just pushed the boundaries which is very appropriate to her everything. Her eyes were light brown pools that barely concealed her strange

The Duncan Family: Part One

this argument anyways. Sheila was looking a little annoyed now, “That is your, TWIN, brother, Kayla, and your sister is much too old, to be sharing a room. So, YOU, WILL, have to - ” John cutting her off mid-sentence “Kayla, if you cater him till his bed comes, I will allow you to throw that party you wanted while me and your mom is off on our

The Close Pt. 02

thigh as she spoke, giving away her sexual desires tension, you could see Tracey was turned on by her pent up sexual emotions as her desire for revenge for her situation. She commanded kiss each other, we both did our lips pressed together relief as we kissed our desire for each other a release from the control of Tracey. The escape making our

fluky dogs Part 03: Kennys The Man| by Mogrim

and then she took his tongue in her mouth and starts to suck on it. Ravon sucked his tongue dry.She stood up and removed her top and skirt. She pulled the cups of her bra down, didn’t remove it, and revealed her tits. She offered her lovely boobs to him, he licked them eagerly, making them hard, and then he bit them a little hard, managing a moan

Transported In Public

caution, while another part wanted to see her climax, right there, in front of all these people, sandwiched between people.No-one would notice. No-one ever notices anything.Next station. Kate suddenly on her feet. Time to stop the vibrations and get to my feet myself, jostling other people aside to follow Kate off the train, joining the throng

The Vikings Are Coming

to be nowhere to hide from the recent raids that saw villages destroyed, men killed, women raped, and for no apparent reason other than greed and wealth. Monasteries were laid bare and monks watched helplessly as the horned invaders made off with their riches.It was written, that the longships would power themselves out of the mist and onto the

Teach me more part 2

not know a thing. You would have a separate account and you would have a cell phone that l will be the only one with the number to.      ‘ What would l do and where is the office and what kind of money is more than l could imagine ?      ‘ Well Honey my company turns fantasies into reality. I have clients that phone up and there is all kinds of

The Overnighter Part 2

pangs of worry. I instinctively stand, subtly and slightly embarrassingly adjusting myself. Then walk towards the bar exit, expecting to see her in the doorway she walked out of.There’s no sign of her! Has she decided to take our game further at last or is she, God forbid, in trouble.I walk out of the bar, my emotions torn between worry and raw

Toby: The Little Rascal

blow-job, for his seventeenth birthday."No! 'Course not." I knew this was the end of this conversation for now, when she resumed singing. "It's a quarter after one, I'm all alone and I need you now." She dropped the sun visor and touched up her lippy in the vanity mirror, the way I love to do when dressed as Amanda. Yeh, well you're not the only

Blessed by Nature

the world? Start questioning the order of things and all hell will be let loose. All that fanciful talk of independence for the colonies and universal enfranchisement. Isn’t it enough that women can vote, provided they are of sufficient status? Isn’t it enough that the natives can have a say in the government of their territories?” “Oh, Yves!

Playing Away From Home.

looking in his eyes.Dean’s mouth and eyes popped open simultaneously “Wait is this some sort of revenge trap with you shouting rape; are the cops in on this”?Jean remained calm and picked up the phone “Inspector you can call off your men everything is fine thank you for everything you have done”.Then after a short conversation she replaced the


Spirit, my last confession was six months ago.’‘Go ahead, child. What grievous sin have you committed since your last confession?’I took a deep breath and exhaled slowly, trying to gain my composure before I confessed.‘Father, I keep having these sinful thoughts about a man, I know it’s wrong but I cannot stop these feelings. I keep thinking of

The Football Bet Part Two: Claire Finds Herself

dripping pussy. I took his cock out of her and put it in my mouth. The mix of the two of them tasted good. Damien began to fuck down into my mouth, then he took it out of my mouth and put it back into her. He went back and forth until he was ready to cum. Tabitha and I both got close together so he could cum on our faces. "I'm cumming," he

Milking Men

indulge in a fetish called 'Male Milking', they like to milk men as if they were cows, pulling on their cocks like they were udders." I couldn't wait for Friday to arrive. I arrived at the dungeon at 8:00 pm and was led to a small room by Mistress Anne. In the room, I was met by two naked guys standing around. Anne ordered me to take off my

Call me Pixie: Part Three

a voice,‘Fuck, oh, fucking, fuck, fuck, fuck, I’m coming.’It was my voice. The sinews in my legs tightened, by tummy rippled, and I fucking well came harder than I ever had before. I am not a squirter, but I swear I almost was. Or maybe the extra wetness was hers, because the moment I moaned, she did so too.My legs fell down, I couldn’t hold on,

Just Another Tuesday

yanked his jeans and boxers off. He was already extremely hard. Pressing my hands into his chest I pushed him onto his back and before he could protest I had him in my mouth. I let my tongue roll endlessly over his long hard shaft. Relaxing my throat I took him entirely into my mouth. I held my breath and came down even further, drawing my lips

Fucked and Taken

with a kiss and a wink.’ ‘My god,’ I thought to myself, ‘It’s only 10:00 in the morning and she is driving me towards the men’s room to masturbate.’ I finally shut the volume off and set my phone as far away from me as possible. Now, this friend of mine was a real fun gal and very trusting, so yes, she did know where I worked and that the office

A chance at a new sex life; Part 2

With one hand she rams the dildo into her pussy and with the other hand she furiously rubs her clit. Within seconds she is cumming loud and I’m right there with her. I explode all over my stomach as I watch her ride out her orgasm. She twitches as she pulls the dildo out and sucks off her juices. She moans softly as she sucks the last of her

The Doctor with the Cold Hands

gently rolled my balls in her cold hand and within a minute I was fully erect. I’m not particularly large, seven inches is my full potential, but my cock does stand straight out when erect. Then she acted as though I was not even there, and she began talking softly, staring at my cock. “Most men cannot avoid getting erect when a woman touches

Unexpected Gym Experience Part 1

the bottom of his now fully erect cock. "How many inches you packing coach?" I said while stroking him. "Well, to be honest, about ten." "Damn, You're quite the beast." I was astonished, I went back to sucking him off and he moaned louder and louder until he screamed. "Fuuuk yeah, I'm gonna cum, boy!" I grasped his cock firmly and prepared for

Harry Potter and the Sword of Gryffindor

exposed quite a bit more than she had intended. Which led to the third and final action: Harry noticed for the first time that his friend Hermione had rather nice boobs.They weren't overly large, maybe slightly larger than a handful, but they were definitely an improvement on Ginny's. They also appeared to be delectably firm, something that he

My life with vampirism finale.

"What a day." "Captain minshew?" "Yes." "You havent forgoten the old team have you?" I looked up to see harper denzel carson, but no khan. "Guys holy fuck! Wheres khan?" "Khans head of cyber warfare and intel now. "Ill be damned. Well let me introduce you guys to my new squad. Veronica!" I saw her run over and salute me. "At ease. These are the

Decades Ch. 01

with the ‘bad old days’!’ Doug grumbled. ‘You should have seen Pascatawa back in the fifties, the sixties…I’ve seen pictures and it was gorgeous.’ ‘You and your nostalgia!’ Kelly said. ‘I’ve only known you a few weeks, and already I always know when you’re going to say a thing like that.’ ‘What can I say?’ Doug asked, checking off the table


to quiver, as I switched tactics and ran my tongue up and down her lips. I smirked down at her and winked, then proceeded to bury my face and tongue inside her pussy, take a deep breath through my nose… and begin to hum whilst moving it about as if I were speaking a Spanish word with 20 or more rolling ‘r’ sounds. ‘Shit, shit, Goooood DAMN

Welcome Home Part Two: Jordan Learns The Truth

were sent. Also, she found a letter from Andrew. Hey Jordie: Nymphet moved out. So I am staying here for the rest of the month. There were checks from your old job, so I sent them. Hope all is well. Andrew. P.S. I think Jamie is over her head. Can you call her? Jordan crumpled up the paper in a tight ball and threw it into the small waste bin by

Keep on Running (circa 1976)

from the glass before spilling the cool liquid over his stomach, watching it pool in his naval, a well-practiced hand coating his cock and balls with yogurt, a warm wet tongue and hungry mouth embarking on an inquisitive trail, a mission of oral pursuit, pursing her lips and sucking wine from his naval, peppering soft kisses up and down his legs,

The Barbie Lez Fantasies - Week 29: ZOOphilia (Part 3)

not help but gasp in amazement as I turned my attention to the equine’s crotch, only to find his cock fully erect. It stood perfectly horizontal and now measured around a foot and a half in length. As a result of the rock-hard appendage, I felt my arousal level skyrocket. Unable to resist, I started climbing the fence separating me from my

Surprised #2

group he had heard about. Len said Bob was talking about a person he worked with that told him about it When they were talking about it here that night they seemed a little more interested than just idle gossip and they asked us if you would ever consider anything like that and we said no. Well, as they are going on the cruise with us I am going

The New Hole

was no exception. She looked back and gave me a half smirk, half smile that gave me the hint that she wanted me to finger her and get her ready for a great fucking. I slid two fingers in this time and her pussy easily accepted them since she had gotten so prepared for me ahead of time. She moaned and bit her lip as I pumped harder and harder and

Adventures of 'The Jewish American Princess' Ch. 2

to breathe, I was his and there was no doubt about it, I knew immediately! What I didn't know at the time was how much that decision made in a moment would affect the rest of mine our lives!I stammered, "Hhhhhello, my nnname is Ann and this is my husband Pppeter." My future lover and "Master" said, "Relax, I'm glad to meet you, it really is a

Spanking on the Ranch

hard and nothing happened. Derrick and I would play cards in the evening to pass time, and I seldom saw Scott as he was reassigned to building a new fence around the property. One day, months later, my supervisor, Bill, was giving me a hard time and I cursed at him. He was being totally unreasonable about how he wanted me to paint a cabinet and

Daddy's Little Girl Part 4

leave her hole. Their sweat mingled together between their united bodies. Lindsey was moaning louder, more erratic. Joseph groaned as they came together, their fluids sinking into her. He held her close, still completely buried in her sweet teenage pussy. “I love you, Lindsey.” “I love you too, Daddy,” she said while breathing

Becoming The Slut

a pen out. He handed it to me. I reached for it however; I dropped it down into his lap. I did not give him a chance to pick it up. I reached down with my hand right into his lap. I brushed my hand against his cock as I went for the ink pen.His cock was hard as my hand brushed against it. I bent over in front of him; I looked up into his face and

Tete a Tete

not allowed on it.’ He wrapped his arms around her and brought her to her feet, in one smooth movement. Susan felt the breath leave her body as he captured her lips in another kiss. He sucked gently at her bottom lip and lightly bit it. She felt weak in the knees… As they kissed his hands roved her body, caressing her arms, up the back of her

Anal, Oh Yes Please!

out, I flinch a little. My arse is well used, and you slide the vibrator out of my pussy. It’s dripping with my juices, and I blush hard. You do always make me come so hard. You slip it into your mouth, and suck it clean. I love watching you do that, it’s so fucking hot. Afterwards, you toss it back where it belongs, and I curl up into your

Cuming to an End -- Day 5 (The Cum-Fort Zone)

Her body was trembling and quaking. The sweat of her body was visible as she moved her hips against His own energy. The pleasure she has been holding onto for the last several days threatens to break loose. It wants freedom. She knew what she must do to get what she craved most. Her teeth gritted together as she hissed and moaned out her

Chanel and Ethan

360 and bud was hard to break. We only smoke at night. After a day’s work, there’s nothing like winding down with a bowl and some Call Of Duty. He was ahead by one kill, I was catching up quick with limited time. ‘God damn it!’ ‘I told you not to go with that gun,’ he says with conviction. I mock his comment with a sour face. Smug bastard.

Ebony tease

become a reality….My husband Harry’s little brother was in his second year at Nottingham university. He had planned to come home for the Christmas break but being as students usually are, broke, he had made the decision to stay in Nottingham and work the break to get some extra cash. So we decided to take the weekend off and pay him a visit

A Secret

spat sideways on the stone flags. "But we captured her! My soldiers put her in chains!" Though not before she had slain nearly thirty of them with bolts of lightning and balls of flame. "How were they able to lay hands upon her and bind her?" He tossed the whip to the torturer, then reached at Thayra with his own two hands. She took a breath as

My New Pet - Punishment Ch. 01

of your own remembered debasement; the added weight of the silver cage gripping your dick mercilessly, almost feels like a hand. With a mind of their own, your hips jerk forward into the air; the salty sting of sweat against your welts, adds the needed fire to your waning desires. You pull against your bonds uselessly, only reenforcing your state

Ryan and His dad Get Spanked

clothes on the table, waiting for his turn to be put across his wife’s lap. A few seconds later and the inevitable erection appeared, unable to stop it even though his son’s girlfriend had a perfect view of it. In fact the more he looked at her the stronger the erection, the more Audrey got annoyed, and he realised the harder the spanking was

My Journey Into Sexual Pleasure — Part 1

a happy home filled with laughter, except for one significant exception. At some time in their thirties when I was still an infant, my parents had become converted to naturism. Unless they were expecting visitors, my parents both went around the house wearing nothing other than a pair of wooden clogs or Wellington boots, and my father would often

Arse-Slut Jessica

don't you cum on me yet!' Velvety walls of heavenly pussy enveloped my sensitive fuck stick to the hilt. Pussy-juice upon pussy-juice made the thrusting easier than can well be described, as I plowed repeatedly in and out of her sweet slutty flower. All the while, she held her arse wide-open for me to see as I fucked her. We kissed, licking and

Shower Lovemaking

his hips into me, pushing in as far as possible as his manhood throbbed and unleashed his nectar inside of me.He held me in that position for a few seconds as we both relaxed. Still inside of me, he asked, “How’s that for relaxing after a long run.”I laughed, “Great, but I think I need to finish washing myself now.”He slowly pulled out of me and

A Schoolboy's Secrets - Day Two: Abandoned Morals

classes, which I was so effortlessly grateful for!OK, I’m making it sound like I’m shallow at the moment. This guy, personality wise was probably one of the worst I’ve ever met. I wouldn’t even consider this guy normally, but it just gives you an idea of how hot he was! It made me forget my morals and just want to tear his clothes off!His first

Tommy Never Found Out And I Never Forgot

party at his apartment. We had been dating for a year and he was my first. Not dating in the traditional ‘going out to dinner and a movie.’ We were fucking, every day, often several times. He had lots of parties but I never fucked in front of his friends or fucked any of his friends. That would come later. Tommy would not take me to my Proms. I

Other Colors - Ch. 20 (section 2)

him. “What's wrong?” “It's nothing, really. I promise,” I wiped my eyes, embarrassed. “It's just… tonight was a lot of firsts for me.” He nodded darkly, and ran a strand of hair behind my ear, “Yes. I imagine it was.” “Is this,” I laid my cheek once more against his chest, “is this how it's going to be from now on?” “It could be,” he stroked my

Random One Night Stand

of my cock buried deep inside her. I grab her by the hips pulling her ass up off the bed as she wraps her legs around my waist. I thrust into her, slowly at first, getting my rhythm then faster and harder. I watch her breasts moving back in forth in time to the hard strokes I'm giving her, her nipples hardening crying out for attention. I watch


goodness it worked. Mt whole body shuddered and trembled as the climax overwhelmed me.“I’m cumming too!” I yelled out loud.“I heard you!” he laughed “But so did the rest of the building!”I didn’t care who heard me, this was absolutely brilliant. My whole being was shaking in a fantastic orgasm - I actually thought my brain would explode. It

At The Pool – Part 3

cyclists and walkers along the banks. The roof was down, the wind rushed through our hair, the sun shone on our faces and my hands indulgently caressed my new lover’s thigh. The rushing wind felt like it was blowing away all my conscience about the situation I found myself in. The pollen and spores of desire were being seeded in new territory and

Good Morning

eyes lost contact with mine as he peered down to my pointed nipples. I grabbed his hand and guided it to my breast where he finally squeezed and pinched my nipple. I softy moaned with his long awaited touch. I bent down to kiss his neck, then his collar bone, down his chest and stomach, lightly dragging my nipples across him until I stopped at

A Haunting Curiosity

my face. Before I could struggle, I heard it talk to me, telepathically, telling me it needed my help. It said it was from another planet, which at the time I didnt know could be possible, but it was convincing. It told me how it needed human energy in order to survive. It said its species had been dying out, so he fled his home to try and find

Speechless with Teeth Ch. 07

so much, and I wanted a family so bad, that my overwhelming need for death died down.’ James clenched his fist, no longer in a negotiating mood. ‘Xiara, enough! This game is already old. If this turns into a fight, you will lose, just give Sierra back to Len.’ I pulled the baby back up to my chest, pressing her to me. ‘No.’ At my answer, James

A story for I

My tits, set free, bounced up and Kris took one nipple in his mouth and bite hard. I cried a little with pain and excitement. He made me kneel down and I pulled down his pants and started to suck his big, already hard dick. After a while he stopped me, laid me on the bed, spread my legs and went down on me. I felt his tongue on my clit and his


up tight against my body. She gasped, running a hand over my chest. We began pushing against one another, hungrily kissing and nibbling at the other. Her hands slid into my hair and across my shoulders, and I bit at her neck and her ears. She followed, blinded by lust as she drew back into the darker portions of the alley. Without bothering for

Blacked and Betrayed (chapter 5)

Carl's semen deep inside her vagina, from her earlier lovemaking this evening.After about a minute or so, Rico told Cindy, "Well, cum God damn it! What the fuck are you waitin' for? And don't try to fake it, either. I can tell when it's real, and when it's not.""I'm almost there, Baby," Cindy said truthfully, and then added, "I just need you to

Feeding the Kitty

drinks before he’d even come in and sat down next to me, too busy flirting with the bartender to notice until I felt his hand upon mine, pinning it gently to the bar as he introduced himself. Dan, perhaps, or Dave. As I said, I’d been drinking. We’d struck up a conversation. Nothing deep. Tonight, I wasn’t interested in deep. I was only here for

When Did That Happen Parts 2

an erotic story. As I type this the memories come back clearly but I do not have to put the details down here. Let us be happy to know that that day she taught me to do cunnilingus and I became addicted to it. It was nearly two years before she performed fellatio but that is another story. It seems that we always had to rush to catch the

My Sister's Hot Friends: Amy (Edited)

her second orgasm of the night. I pulled my fingers from her and licked them clean. “Do I really taste that good?” Amy asked.“Oh yes.” I grinned at her.“I want to taste.” I ran my fingers across her clit and into her pussy, being rewarded with a shiver. I stood up and lay next to her on the bed, presenting my fingers to her, she gripped my wrist

Girl with flies

another and third. The flies found quickly his pee-hole and did bend down to explore his open pee-hole. The flies pushed themselves deep on his hole and several more attacked him quickly. There was four or five flies inside his hole, just back-legs tried to push them deeper of him. Second row was ready to go further if any space come to go…. Mass

Never Say Never Pt. 03

time. The sensations of the warm water filling my bowels were new and oddly stimulating. It was all very erotic because my love was in control. She intently watched my ass as she applied the enema and also occasionally caressed my cock and balls while the enema water flowed inside me. I liked being watched."Jess, you're leaking from your cock."I


to a steady rhythm. The stiff bristles scouring at the dried-on street grime and spilled orders. The soap foams up between her delicate fingers. Her obviously supple back arches to maximise the length of her strokes. My eyes naturally coming to rest on her full round breasts as they press together each time she reaches out across the grubby

The Move pt.1

to rub my rock hard cock threw my shorts. I continued walking home, as I walk home I try to make my hard on go limp so my mother wouldn't see. Reaching the door I was glad I still didn't have a hard on as I step inside the house. I go to my room turning on my computer, I sat there thinking about what I just saw my cock started to get hard again


bought pads. He didn’t want to stain any of his panties. He put them in his panties and pulled them up. No, the pad didn’t reach all the way back to his bung hole. He slipped his panties down, moved the pad back, and then pulled them back on. Did girls ever use pads because they thought their assholes would leak? He didn’t know. The pad was far

Healing Love

be able to go home soon.’ ‘So why I’m not able to remember, what happen to me?’ ‘The bullet entered your left side shoulder and missed a major arteries and exit through your back.’ ‘So why do my head hurt so badly? I don’t understand I have a killer headache.’ ‘It might be because when you were shot you fell and hit your head on something.

Mistress Elva Laughs Again!

in one day and decides to strip off my shirt and bra and attach binder clips to my nipples."That's something she's done to me, too.""But to drop by at work. And then she had me go down on her, on my knees while she sat at my desk, and fielded calls from people and visits from my secretary.""Really?""Oh yes, people kept dropping by to see if Ms.

Loving lilly

his voice with and underline threaten and a gleam in his eyes. By this stage she had discreetly gotten rid of the ‘rabbit and pulled but her negligee and sheets. And was looking up at him sheepishly at the same time scanning his body he was topless his skin had taken on a darker tone due to the bulb. *Gulp* his boxers where bulging he was turned

My Dramatic Soulmate, Part One

redneck whore. With a drug problem. Wow. I can see how miserable he is, and the sob story is confirming all the signals I’ve been working so hard to decipher. A We just had to get nasty and freaky, as soon as possible. We would feel so much better about our lives! As we drove, he gave me directions and told me more about how sexless his

My perfect boyfriend

face, destroys immediately the weak shield I build some seconds before to open the door. I am just able to burst in cry again, pushing my face on his chest, sobbing! Stupid bitch as I am!“Sis. What's happening?? Are you drunk?? Please tell me something.. you are scaring me.. someone ..raped you??” I hear his whispers in my ear as he hugs me

Pimped Out White Sissy!

I'ma send that man back in here, an you gone give him what he done PAID fo. An what he paid for was yo cracka ass - BAREBACK.The black guy came back in after Shaniqua left. He saw me and laughed. "Whooo, MAN! She done beat yo ass GOOD!"He took off all of his clothes and sat on the vinyl bench. "I want my dick sucked, my balls sucked, my ass ate,

The Bookworm & The Surfer

she asked.“Not in the least,” I said. ~*~*~After lunch the three of us returned to the beach. I tried the boogie board a few more times, and had a moderate bit of success. Chuck was much more patient with me this time, though I still sucked. By the time I returned home, I was exhausted and spent. I could barely make dinner for the girls who

My life with vampirism part:6

her. "So tell me whats wrong. You don’t seem to be from around here?" she looked up at me and I felt my blood run cold. This girl was a vampire. Her eyes were a dead give away. I could smell blood on her. "Im going to just ask this now. Was this your first feeding? Who was it you killed?" she looked up at me and kissed me. "So im not alone? And

Strawberries and Old Cream

textbook. It was time to drop into my office for the rest of the afternoon, and worry about doing some work so I could pay for this course. Tuesday was done and I had survived the stairs and the class, and then Wednesday had come and gone, and I wad done my readings. A day at the office and in the evening dinner by myself, a salad and grilled

Brynn Phytrelia Pt. 06

He’s also particularly good at hiding things. But we already knew about you. We knew that with him…we could lead you out into the open…we could use him…to flush you out. You were even kind enough to bring my ship back.’ She smiled at Brynn, her expression filled with all the suppressed anger and malice she held inside of her. Glaring at the

Katia's Weekend Ch. 02

she begs, glistening tears squeezing from beneath the blindfold as she entreats clemency, high heels tap-dancing a staccato protest. The heat from Katia's soundly beaten bottom fuels her incipient desire. He lets her wait, sightless and suspended, unsure where and when he might strike next. Katia senses his need, proof positive he's subject to

The Vampire Kiss Chapter Fifteen: Angelic Lusts

up Britney's body. Their large breasts pillowed together as Britney and her mother kissed. The young woman savored her salty blood and creamy milk mixed on her mother's lips.This is so wonderful.Britney didn't miss her father or infant brother. She had a new family forged by Damien and Abigail's dark kiss. Britney would never forget it. The hot

Read To Me

from her amused chuckle. I was chatting with a dear friend, teasing him, more properly, as I usually did with my sexual exploits which always made him somewhat uncomfortable. “Does it involve me being naked?” I mumbled, my toes curling slightly, unaware of the way my tongue slid slowly between my lips until it was too late to hide my interest. I

Alan Ch. 25

confirmed to the most slightest degree. I believe our female guest is myth personified. We need to find this mysterious order, and perhaps ally ourselves with them. I’m somewhat surprised that nobody’s come looking for her.’ Jack went on to tell Alan of his research, but Alan didn’t follow much of it. After a while Harriet came in and asked if


good for me. The tenderness ignites this from me, don't be mad Master, please."I stop, look down, drop the whip, and cradle her into my arms, gently kissing her lips, then the tears from her cheeks, I know the are not painful tears, they are tears of lust, passion and love, tears I love to see flow. I kissed her one more time then say, "Roll over

Have You Ever Danced with the Devil?

they clung to my sweaty body. His tongue moved in precise strokes, teasing and provoking, wanting the release that I held back. Was it even possible for a tongue to be that long, I thought as his tongue filled me deep. Then suddenly his serpentine tongue curled up, hitting that glorious spot. I couldn't hold back any longer. My thighs tightened

The Organic Belt

I was pushed totally, forever, over the edge of abandon into a total whore/slut/cunt wanton sexual animal. I increased the pace of the motion up and down the 12" prick, welcoming the full length and girth of it into my pussy and ass. I learned how to let it almost slip out and enjoy the feeling of new penetration with each stroke. I ground my

My first boy experience

you look great!’ said Sinead. They each gave me compliments as they continued to get ready. More people began to come round to Karly’s flat, ready and dressed. Everyone was laughing and having fun, it was a very relaxed atmosphere. We called taxis as it was getting late and we all definitely wanted to get in. We arrived and walked into the club.

Motor Cop

jacket but I stopped him. "Leave it on for now," I whispered against Paul's lips, pressing him back to sit on the couch cushions.  "You can take it off later."  Hiking my long, flowing skirt to my knees, I straddled Paul's lap, threading my fingers through his hair, looking down into his upturned face.  Overwhelmed by sexual hunger, I kissed his

Brown Eyes, Blue Smile

She couldn’t help it when a snigger escaped her lips. The man looked up at her, amused. ‘Hope it didn’t do something funny.’ ‘No, you didn’t, and I’m sorry. Just that I couldn’t help but think you remind me of someone. An actor whose movie I’m fond of.’ ‘Hope you’re not going to say Brad Pitt?’ ‘Actually I was going to say Mickey Rouke. You know

Babette's Daydream

me down onto my knees. She's being pretty rough with me now. She positions me against the wall, near the door. "There you go, dear. You look just perfect."I am flattered by what she says, because I am still enthralled by the idea that I am special because of being here before anyone else. But then I look down at myself, and I get really scared.

My Secret Lover Ch. 05

his arms he knelt down in front of me."But Daddy would miss his Princess and that would make him sad."Lunging forward I wrapped my arms around his neck."NO DADDY DON'T BE SAD...I'll stay."Smiling as he kissed my forehead I stood up. "I'm ready to color now Daddy.""Okay come on then."Standing up I held his hand following him down the stairs into

Training Alex - Part Four

long, soft strokes up and down her thighs and around her pussy, flicking her clit and running My finger up and down her pussy lips. Kitty began mewling and making cute little kitty moans as she began getting more and more turned on. Pet meanwhile began working on kitty's full breasts. She licked and sucked and bit her stiffening nipples and took

My Co-Worker: The Perfect Slut

back around and started to work her tight shirt up and over her head, making sure to squeeze her breasts together as much as possible to show off how great they looked. Once the shirt was off I really started to admire just how well she took care of her body. She had all the right curves! Her pants were the next thing to go, and as she started

My First Crush With A Slut

girl friends or would actively chase girls. When it became apparent to me that the world was passing me by, I decided to act. There was this beautiful girl in my senior class who was exceptionally smart. I must have fixated my desires on her though she intimated me to no limit. Juanita did realize my interest in her and she surprised me by

My Dirty Little Secret (2)

and dick made me much hornier. I put my knees on either side of his hips and bent over, sucking his nipples. “Shit, I didn’t know you could do that,” I heard him say before he sighed in pleasure. Then I lay on him, making out again. This time, our cocks really touched each other, and I felt his hand go and hold both of them as one, stroking them.


and arms. She sponged her breasts and back. She closed her eyes, and Eric’s face came into view. She began to imagine how he was in bed. Suddenly she felt moist. She slipped her hand between her legs and her fingers followed the path of the water to her excited clit and cunt. She settled against the tiled wall. ‘Ah.’ She sighed into the lonely

Lingering Nightsong

a pleasant distraction. Your laugh sounds like chimes in the wind. It is delightful and playful at the same time. On your back I do an interpretation of Shakti, one of the many goddesses of Hinduism. She is the counterpart to Shiva, and through their congress universal energy is expressed. Once I am happy with the way you look I let you gander in

Jenny’s Summer Ch. 05

honey, you don’t wanna deny Jenny her bit of fun,’ Erin grinned, who had seen what was the matter at once. But Kevin pulled his hands away. ‘We’ll continue that later,’ he decided, crawling out. He then turned around and helped Jenny out of the water. Erin brought towels for all of them, and they sat down in the chairs around a table, with Erin

No Emotion – No Attachment

anytime – a slut that I could have coiled around my finger. No emotion. No attachment.That’s exactly what I found in a old friend of mine, by the name of Brianna. She was a high school friend of mine – same graduating class. During that time, she had a boyfriend, just as I had a girlfriend. But she always had a sexual attraction toward me – just

Fantasy Vacation Chapter 23

off inside me." Terri said, shoving back harder and harder on the hard cock inside her. "Oh God! Oh God! Here it comes baby. FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARD! I WANT IT REAL HARD, NOW!"   Mike picked up the pace and slammed his cock inside her as fast and hard as he could without pulling all the way out. He knew this load wouldn't be as big

On Forgetting Ch. 08

to finish out the surgery, but I’m taking her off the list for the rest of the day. And if you find out why she’s so pissed off at me, let me know?’ ‘I’ll let you know,’ Connor muttered and squared his shoulders before heading into the break room. His breath nearly left him when he caught sight of Laney. She had wedged herself in the corner of

A Thousand Bucks Ch. 05

gave them the keys to the rooms they would be using. I met most of Bill’s relatives for the first time. Many had said they had all but written Bill off, but he sure changed his life around. I give a lot of the credit to a good woman and Shauna was just that. She understood him, kind of like Jen understands me. His uncle Andy did come to the

Best Friends with benefits

He grunted, hearing the sound of her pleading needy voice, Softly panting against his eardrum. He began to thrust to and fro, building up pressure more within his shaft. His thrusts became harder with each pounding, slapping his balls against her ass cheeks. She felt every thrust dwell into her, drilling her insides, stretching out her juice

Beach Time Means Sex

fingers spread my lips as his cock began to split me open. My mouth went limp as stars rained under my eye lids. His fat head parted my labia, just like it did my doll's. As that amazing head opened me wide, I felt Daria's hand against my mound, preventing anymore teen monster cock from entering. Bitch!"Please Baby, let him go.""Not until you say

Allie and the Wrestlers

rhetorically. It aint like we haven’t seen each other naked before. They all chucked.“That’s the spirit, boys,” I said. “Hop in.” I strode around to the driver’s side, unlocked the doors to my 10-year-old Honda, jumped in and started it up. As the tallest, Ron joined me up front. The others squeezed into the back.I wanted to be the one to break

A Slut's Confession

pretty heart-shaped face. Yet I thought nothing of it, I was forty-five after all and she a mere seventeen.Staying behind last after class one day, Kelly shuffled uncomfortably on the spot as if she desperately needed the toilet. With my warmest smile I addressed her, asking if things were okay and complimenting her last essay though in truth it

Killing Curiosity

I’ve ever had, so I thought I’d share it with you. I’m Paul by the way, a 35 year old gay guy, 6′, slim with short brown hair and blue eyes. It’s my eyes that get me noticed, not that I know why, they’ve always just been my eyes but other people seem to like them. I’m thankful for that because otherwise I’d be just your average Joe. Well this all

E097: Home again

recipe.  Donald is amused that Emma is willing to share this family recipe with him.  She explains that after the pecans have boiled for a bit, soaking in the whiskey and flavor, they will be roasted on baking sheets in the oven to make them crisp. Covered with sugar and other spices.While the nuts are boiling, Emma turns to the counter and

Black Love in Today’s World

of Ontario. These ladies came from everywhere. The Republic of Haiti. Jamaica. Trinidad. Djibouti. Somaliland. Ghana. Chad. Ethiopia. Congo. Zaire. The Republic of South Africa. Zimbabwe. Nigeria. Wow. I’m a lifelong resident of the first U.S. State to elect a Black man as Governor in modern times yet it’s in lily-White Ottawa that I got in touch


I like large women. Especially those who like anal sex. I think a big woman's asshole is naturally tighter than that of a skinny woman. They're a lot more fun to fuck. That's why I like them. Charlotte was totally down with some anal action. She got on all fours and tossed me a bottle of lube before spreading her plump ass cheeks wide open. I

Mary Carson's Punishment

drawer and took out a long, thick leather strap. He returned to where Mary was standing. She was terrified but she said nothing."Take off your panties Mary," he commanded as he stood behind her. She heard his words, but she was frozen with fear. She felt the color begin to rise on her cheeks. When she did not move, the Headmaster reached both

I am picking you up in 10 minutes

hair and on her face. It keeps coming out. She keeps humping my face and a second orgasm hits her and she screams out, "Fuck!" and then squeezes my head so hard with her legs, that I can barely breathe!My cock is still spurting little spurts and she uses her mouth to clean clean me off a little. We untangle ourselves and she sits there for a

Winter Fires Ch. 11

it to keep it white-hot. His body stiff, his back straight, Simon walked away from Marianne. – – – – – – – – – – ‘Simon? Simon! Come to the phone! It’s Marianne!’ ‘Tell her I’m not in!’ Simon yelled to his mother, then he slammed the door shut and threw himself on his bed. He heard a knock on his door. ‘What?’ he snarled. ‘Can I come in?’ he

A Weekend at the Cabin Ch. 05

tongue fuck. You quickly dip your tongue as far into my pussy as you can tasting my juices, then suck at me, slurping loudly. I moan as your oral assault alternates between my pussy and my clit. MMMmmmmm, you are making me so close to cumming again, and I push against your face, squirming and wriggling. ‘MMmmm, you taste sooo good Babe,’ you

First gay object insertions

shrimp and filling my asshole with them. The warm shrimp was the best. I’d shit them out onto the shower floor and then eat them. My favorite time was when I gave myself a milk enema at 16 and then added chocolate syrup and shit out chocolate milk. I drank it even with the chunks of slime. A point came when i wanted to gape so badly. I had a golf

Night at the Movies

care. My clothes were opened wide and my skirt looked like a wide belt pulled up to my waist. I was really getting off when hubby stopped for a second and then started again. He felt different, so I opened my eyes and saw that he let another guy have his seat. Here I was between two strangers being felt up, almost naked, while he sat in the

A Message to Cane Toads

If you continue to bang your head against a brick wall all you’ll end up with is a headache and a wound on your head that never gets a chance to heal.’ ‘What would you suggest?’ ‘As I see it we have a couple of short term choices, we could totally legless and when we wake up in the morning we’ll realise that there are worse things in the world,

Early Training

stone in the base that is visible from outside of me. The base of it is very smooth and so it is comfortable and i can wear it for hours on end - it is very cold when first inserted but quickly warms to my body temperature and when i remove it, it is quite warm to the touch. i discovered that being "plugged" instantly catapults my submissiveness

A River in Egypt

a nice man. I did not want him to finish last. I maybe even loved him. I came back each time to his house and our children even after weeks of perversions. Michael was eight and Julia was five and a half. I might have quit my rebellious antics for them and Henry. I could have done it. I didn't have to sacrifice all of my new freedoms and power to


for the answer. ‘I wrote the letter but ran out of stamps,’ he said. ‘Could you bring some stamps round tonight, say about 10 o’clock?’ ‘In your dreams,’ Gretchen snorted and that didn’t end the matter. Gina said, ‘I’ll bring the stamps. Tell me what you want?’ Duke heard Gretchen or Debra whisper he’d want more than stamps. The women hovered

Ensnared Succubi Ch. 03

over me..." Lynx responded by pulling out, with the two tentacle dicks disappearing and the giant tips spurting all over Liicha, pale and smooth body. Liicha was amazed at how forcefully it was spurting out and splashing against her body, thinking about how powerfully it had been doing this inside her. She was getting covered in a thick mess of

Between father amd son at the pool

plunges his penis into my mouth, fucking my face as my young son watches. He reaches down and tweaks my exposed nipples really hard making me moan around his cock. He finally cums and cums, noisily. I am afraid the neighbors have heard us. His creamy cum is delicious in my mouth and spreading over my face.He talks to his grandson: "Your daddy has

A Slut’s Best Friend

this one is just so big. Are all Draenei men as big as you are?’ Navrin thought for a moment before replying, still somewhat shocked at her change in attitude. ‘I suppose so, I would say that I am about average but I have had no complaints before so I guess I am lucky.’ The Blood Knight giggled as he said this. ‘Complaints? They should be


thigh.  You glance with a territorial scowl before accepting his apologetic look as he pulls it back onto his lap nervously.  Seeking solitude, you cross your legs and squeeze yourself tighter into your window seat.  You press your phone tighter against your ear, catching your reflection in the train window as the monotonous grey of the city and

The next day – She got it again on a boat (Part 2)

to bed room to change cloth. I was looking around when she made herself ready. She had pictures of some k**s on the rack – Did she have k**s? Then the phone rang when she was in the bed room, and one more time after she came into the living room. She did not pick it up and told me that it was not important! Did she have a boyfriend? Would I be in

Carnival Bondage Ch. 03

bow to her caged audience."You enjoyed it?""Yes Ring Mistress, "Randy answered. "Please don't be offended. But you could have made a lot of money in Kate's business.""I could, but it is not my interest. Right now my interest is in domination."Cindy unlocked the disoriented Kate from the wheel, still weak from her punishment, Cindy easily

How She Draped My Net Around Her Ch. 05

I could feel her crying, silently. Where did this come from? Someone died? I asked her, but she didn't reply; only shook her head. I softly stroked her back, not a clue of what to say. Instinctively I softly rocked my body, moving her with me, like you would do to a small child. I stroked her back; her hair; my nose took in the smell of her hair

Teen Titan Chronicles 3: Amazons Attack

not only because she knew she would be punished if she stopped, but also because she now found herself addicted to Wonder Woman’s sweet pussy juice, and was gulping it down like it was the nectar of the gods (Wonder Woman use to be the goddess of truth so this is a good description).Wonder Woman just laid back and enjoyed herself, groaning and

Anastasia’s Mountaintop Experience

get dry if you continue to wear them.’ ‘You’re right, I am still cold.’ She heavily plopped herself down in front of the crackling fire, as if the weight of the situation had built upon her. Tears welled up in her eyes. Words tumbled out as she began to weep bitterly. ‘Everything bad that’s happened is my fault,’ she blurted out between sobs.

Life 2

cunt, my very wet cunt. You didnt know I could use such words did you, well I can. Today Im going to enjoy myself. She turned herself around so her head was hanging over the edge of the sofa, and spread her legs along the back. Im ready now Ted, bring in the first one, and make sure to film everything. In walked a fat naked middle-aged man, with

Amusing Train Ride Ch. 06

had meant as him ‘having an attitude.’ ‘Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t, but I think that she or he must surely be a very lonely person who believes that no single other life will be made less by their passing.’ ‘Perhaps many other lives would be made better by their passing?’ I retorted. ‘But that is not truly the choice of anyone, is it?’ He

The Trials of Dara Firebird Ch. 03

scattered, but Bruno came on, led by massive wolfhounds foaming at the mouth. The city was awake and bustling, with merchants heading to the market, many pulling handcarts, some with baskets on their shoulders. Few were heading out of the city, so Dara knew she might look a bit conspicuous if she sprinted down the lane, towards the trees. She

Amy Anderson’s Amazing Amorous Adventures

at hand. She heard the trunk pop and she knew that she was expected to put all her clothes in it. Suddenly reality crashed back again. She walked to the trunk on legs suddenly made wobbly from the nerves. She stopped at the trunk, unsure of the proper etiquette for removing ones clothes in front of a date, when the purpose of said endeavor was

A Typical Friday Night

his cum slavered cock between my hands and began painstakingly cleaning every inch of it. I took particular care to clean the head beneath his foreskin and didn’t neglect his balls. Then I spun him round. Making sure his friend could see everything, I lashed my tongue across his ass, licking and slurping at his tightly shut hole whilst my young


him again, only he put his arms around me tighter and his face brushed up against my neck. I know: he was my cousin. He was off-limits.But I couldn't help savor the feeling. I squirmed a little and he just held tighter, moaning a bit. All the while he was delightfully nuzzling my neck. Finally I shook myself from my reverie and dislodged myself

Doc Ch. 15

it done.’ Even to me, it sounded like I was whining… I gave myself a mental shake and bucked up. There had to be an efficient way to handle both priorities. In almost the same thought, the obvious answer made me feel stupid. ‘Still, hunting for winter is just as important. I think we can do both — we’ll hunt in the morning, which is the best

Mine Tonight

stocking is fully off, you start to suck each of my toes slowly, and I moan, clutching the sheets as I sit on the bed against the headboard. You move slowly over each of my feet, and then slide your tongue up my leg nibbling and sucking my inner thigh. You blow your hot breath over my pussy and my hips rise off the bed. "Such a good cum boy. You

Midnight Surprise

tingles down below that would not stop. It dawned on me that he thought he was in bed with mom and I just could not stop him it felt so good.When he started rubbing my pussy, my body took over and I could not have stopped if I had wanted to at that point. I was fucking his hand and enjoying every second of it. Then he pulled out and I didn’t want

Who I Am Ch. 03

eyes completely shut, I heard my phone buzz. -What are you doing up so late? J. Johnson -Talking with my sister. What are YOU doing up so late? Loving Me -Waiting for your address so I could drop by for a good night kiss. J. Johnson -Not going to happen buddy. Like I said, I will meet you at the restaurant tomorrow. Loving Me -Just teasing Honey.


it off the couch. You had a family matter to attend, so our chat was cut short after being filled with half-hidden expressions of desire and need. I did mange to slip in an, “I’m going to fuck myself tonight and think of you,” before signing off and I could tell it brought you a smile. So here I sat and pondered my situation. My panties were wet,

Love (And Sex!) In The Time Of Zombies (Part 6)

minutes, I had no idea what was going on. I gathered that people were doing some sexy things, but they had all stopped in the last 5 minutes due to the amount of noise Lorrie made! They gave me a nice round of applause as I rose from between her legs. I waved to the crowd, tipped my imaginary hat, then fell into the arms of my Lorrie. We kissed,

A Saturday Morning Surprise (Part 2)

morning. Wednesday I called Jessica and told her, “I’ll leave a key for Laura under the mat. Tell her to come on in. I’ll be waiting for her.” “I'll tell her, and I hope you have a good time. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.” I laughed and hung up. Saturday morning I lay in bed while my wife got dressed and left for work. Fifteen minutes later

Ultra-Mint Lip Gloss

shop on the corner sold the glosses but also knew how much they would cost and she had no money. Her thoughts were on this matter when Uncle Tom passed her room. “Off out Sally?” He smiled kindly to her and she smiled back, her painted red lips bright and full. “Yes Uncle.” She replied sweetly, “I’m meeting John.”“Well you look fabulous,” he

Sissy the Redhead: The College Plan Pt VII: The Finale

But the crown helps me out by shouting, You can do it little girl, and choke her with that thing! Thats when my brother grabs my pigtails and wrenches my head back, and Jim works his monster into my tiny mouth. He is too worked up to let me take my time, and Im glad. I gush cum all around my bothers cock as he throat rapes me. my eyes water

8. Other People’s Hearts Ch. 12

to him like a gift. He wasted no time as he buried his head between her legs to taste her. Oliver had never seen or felt or tasted anything more alluring than Lindsay’s swollen, wet pussy. She was so wet her sweet juices had dribbled all over her lips and down the insides of her thighs. He licked and kissed her clean and sucked gently on her

Total Woman Vignettes 04a

market G- and M-rated bikini calendars were destined to grace garage and machine shop walls worldwide. The ‘behind the scenes’ infomercial videos were designed to advertise the calendars in the mass media outlets: TV and internet. Limited editions of topless R-rated calendars would be available in select outlets. Gus would get the industry

Christmas Party

aching to come out. I kept my hands holding on to his body like my life depended on it. He sat me down in the captains chair and began to unzip his pants. "Let me do that for you." I undressed him slowly and watch as his dick sprung to life. He grabbed a condom and I helped him roll it unto his shaft. It was thick with just enough length. As he

The Spirit of Fertility ch.2

she started moaning softly, her hips moving ever so gently against her hand. Soon, her body shivered as a wave of climatic pleasure stretched through her, from head to toe. The scene continued into the book, and Amber continued as well. Her sex button being toyed with expertly until she managed to bring herself to a second orgasm. She placed the

An Evening In Paris Ten Years Later Part 3

me. I want you inside me!” I was not done however, as I picked up her left leg and kissed her milky white inner thigh. She shuddered moving her leg. I moved down to the back of her knee kissing and licking her. I kissed and sucked her soft skin. I moved down her leg stopping to suck and lick her calf and her ankle. She was rolling around, just

I watched my wife with an older man – 6

he immediately smashed his mouth down on hers. I saw their tongues were busy. I grasped my hard cock inside my pocket and watched them dry-fuck on the dance floor. As the song ended, she led him by the hand towards me, smiling. His pants were protruding out a good six inches but he didnt seem to notice. I didnt say a word, just dug out my car

Enslaving Ev 01 Pt. 05

rigidly to attention as I also walked slowly towards her."Your punishment will be harsh slut but then you need to learn a lesson."I could see that Ev was holding her breath."A dozen strokes of the rod for having the audacity to be late, and for then not admitting to it straight away, and for continuing to refer to yourself in the first person."I

Dark Arts II: Sympathy

confers upon the mark a childlike naievete that carries through to both natures, in the innocent, more cute and sweet, and to the sexual, more teasing and mischievious," he read.I read along with him, looking at the sharp, distinct handwriting and now fairly certain it was Kammeryn's own. This was confirmed by the next line, which read "Original

hook up with transsexual.

tight skimpy briefs when there was a knock on the front door. ‘Hi,’ Mark said when Tom opened the door. ‘It doesn’t look like you got yourself off,’ he said looking at the bulge in Tom’s briefs. Mark’s hand slid softly over the thin material covering Tom’s hard cock. ‘Yup, very hard – very nice!’ ‘Nah, I decided to wait for you. But, I need to

st pats day

parapet of the walkway overlooking the weed grown courtyard of their block of flats. The sun had not yet risen, but already the air was hot, muggy. She was wearing only a man’s old stained tee shirt that reached to her knees and nothing else, but the air on her body was of no relief. She felt restless and needing. It was that damned party last

Wife Confessions - Exhibitionist

the rest of the night in bed, just being alone with one another. We know we’ll be back with many more sessions. We want to build up our audience. If we can do so well the first time, who knows what can happen from here? My husband agrees, wanting to do this more, giving into our hungry need of being exhibitionists. Written By Poppet: For

First time at school

down on her she just wanted my dick in her and she told me several times. I got ontop of her not going in yet making out with her and then kissing her nips. She told me come on fuck me PLEASE. I grabbed my 7in dick and slid it up and down her pussy lips. She really liked that and she kept thrusting toward me so I slid my dick in a little.I asked

If You Don’t Tell Ch. 02

she had on below her neck was her wedding ring, a stone which was as big as a large ice cube, and had almost burned out my retinas several times when she walked through a ray of sunlight. After a few minutes, we came upon the William T. McGuiness Library. The name was etched into a golden plaque that rested above the double doors before the

The Farm

were sisters and trouble makers from the town. Simon watched the girls knowing his parents were away and that he was on his own and hoped the girls did not see him. The girls went into the pig goat shed, Simon crept over to the wall looked through a hole in the boards and saw Mandy sitting on rails smoking, one of the goats got a bit of Mandy’s

The Only Cure Possible

between those full, red lips. I sighed as she bobbed back and forth. Each forward movement I would feel her tongue slide along the bottom of my cock, each journey back she would tighten her lips around me and suck. I could feel the cum churning in my balls, ready to explode. I was torn between the need to release the pressure that was building in

Help from my sister 9

butt, because it just felt so good."Oh shit, did I push you?" Judy asked."No, I just had to sit down after that great blow job," I replied."You wanna stop?" Judy asked."No," I replied.Then she came towards me and got on top of me and I put my dick inside her. She rode me like a cowgirl bouncing up and down."Oh fuck, oh fuck, that feels good,"

As You Wish, My Mistress

your head, then I'm about as present as I can possibly be. You are going to demonstrate that in two ways: First, by doing whatever I command you to do for the next few minutes; second, and more specifically, you're going to suck cock for me. Has that idea sunk in yet, you little queer? If it has, then say it outloud. I want you to say, "Yes,

Brandy's Nightmare Part One (Revised)

on a man, despite having saw huge cocks in porno movies since she was young. Andre’s cock was already hard, thicker than her forearm and almost as long. He grinned cruelly, much how a wolf might before sinking its teeth into something small and helpless. “That’s 11 inches bitch. Ever had something that big in your little white cunt?” Brandy

Dead Write Ch. 01

bible studies, often sharing hotel rooms during women’s retreats. Sam knew a few things about her, because of his wife’s friendship. However, he had remained distant from the svelte divorcee. No need to invite temptation while forsaking all others. Christopher was in her Sunday school class. Without Jan to collect progress reports, Sharon made a

The Abduction And Traing Of Kitty Part 4

her with one strong thrust from her entire arm. Miss M screamed loudly, arching her back completely off the floor resting only on her hips and the back of her head in a tight quivering bow before collapsing back to the floor with her hips wreathing.As Thumper had done to her, Kitty opened her fingers as wide as she could, pressing them outward

Watching a Movie With Friends Part 2

She was driving me absolutely wild. I looked up to see that we weren’t alone anymore.Trisha was standing in the doorway watching us. With an almost pained look on her face she was vigorously pinching the left nipple of her C-cup tits while simultaneously her other hand was pleasuring her honeypot. Nicole stopped kissing my neck and looked up.“Oh

Better Mind

juices flowing all around his pumping cock, drenching his balls and her pussy lips. He pumped harder and harder as orgasms racked her body, one beginning almost before the previous one ended. He came too, his cum mixing with her juices inside her lovely little pussy. He flopped back on the bed, letting her fall limp. ‘Clean,’ he said, holding

Submissive for the First Time

I felt his semi-erect penis putting pressure on my pelvis and I lightly groaned against his kiss. All of a sudden, he flipped me over onto my back and got on top of me. I laughed as he interlocked his hands with mine and covered my laugh with his kiss. He kissed me fiercely, sucking my lower lip and fluttering his tongue on mine. It drove me

My feminine Urge Satisfied

of me. It rolled through me like a tornado through a Oklahoma prairie. I felt my own penis as it oozed it’s cum all over Daren’s dick as he continued to pummel my pussy. Every now and again he would slap my ass as he continued to throttle my pussy. I could hear him grunting and groaning as he pulled nearly out, then reamed his cock into me with

Selective Breeding

is how we begin to desire, desire cultivated by imagination. The animal of us is in the kiss. Leave it be-‘ If Louis’s visual acuity went beyond the mere distance of a kiss, perhaps the young man -ten years younger to be exact- would have seen the look of captivation in Martha’s gaze. It was an expression she hadn’t recalled wearing since… Has it

Not Got A Name!!!

on one wall, It seemed to be glowing, I chose to walk over to it and open it, Then would you guess it, I was back in the spot I died.*So I'm dead, Yeah that sucks* I said to nobody in particular even though I am sure nobody would of even heard my words anywaysYes I did just sort of accept the fact that I no longer had a life, There was one little

The Living Doll

the side of the bed, rubbing my shoulder gently as if to wake me, but there was no way for me to respond. A nasty grin passed across his face at my silence. “Guess those pills in your food worked earlier. Now I can have some fun.” I only had to wonder briefly what he could mean by that, because as my eyes flickered downwards in horror he dropped

Meghan Gets a Surprise

still. She felt his tongue trace the outline of her lips and they involuntarily parted for him, wanting the kiss she was about to receive from him. The air was thick with passion, and Meghan felt the throbbing that had developed while she was sucking his cock, grow more intense. His tongue pushed through her partly open lips and Joshua heard her

Fun With Fairies

a raise." Right about then, Riana emerged from the bathroom in her bathrobe. "Toby? Is somebody-" The two women looked at each other. There was a moment of silence, then Riana smiled. "You must be Martha," she said. "I'm Riana." The sprite crossed the room and put a hand on the door. "Did you need something?" Martha opened and closed her mouth

Camelot Ch. 02

in waiting was in her surrender. Arthur would have acquired new desires, wicked desires. Guinevere blushed and rose.“I wish it my King, allow me to leave and prepare myself for your pleasure...”Lancelot looked bewildered, feeling an outsider in this spousal exchange of thoughts he couldn’t comprehend. Arthur came to his help.“You can retire too,

His Slut

nudging her John says "Go ahead hon...tell him why we are here."As tears fell from her eyes, she opened her mouth and pushed his cum out so it drooled down her chin..."I choose John."The next thing she knew there was a loud smacking noise and she realized that Dean has just punched John...and knocked him to the ground. Quick decision, run for the

mandy gets taught a lesson.

to toe, his gaze lingering on her lips, breasts, and hips, before returning to her face.Mandy began to feel a little uncomfortable. Yes men had looked at her with lust before, but never with such intensity. She shifted in her seat, somehow feeling on edge."Mandy………" He said slowly, as if he was tasting the word."Mandy, Mandy, Mandy, what are we

Veterinary Vulva

delight, received a letter two weeks later telling him he was successful. His first day didn’t disappoint him. He was introduced to all of the staff, had some brief training and was then stuck in at the deep end for his first ever delivery of a baby lamb. It went surprisingly smoothly, the boss said he was a natural, and he went home feeling on

I Spy

and down first.”From my view at the side, I saw his head move up and down, his hands wrapped around her thighs. "Lick at the top. Around and around. Can you feel my little nub?"“Mmm," he mumbled. Her hands were on the back of his head and moved in sync with his head as his tongue licked her pussy lips. "That's it. Gently now, up and down… lick

The Alley part 2

hard and fast leaving some cum inside her pussy and the rest in her mouth as she sucked him while the other fucked her. She was happy that both had shot most of their cum in her pussy. After finishing both bums the old bum stuck his finger into her to check if she was still tight. She squeezed his finger with her pussy to show him how tight she

1st Kiss - How I Became an Exhibitionist

and certainly nothing that would involve others participating in some way.NOT ME!!!! YUK!!!!!! NO WAY!!! was typically how I reacted or responded to hubby's little urgings. He wanted to explore some things...always respectfully..and lovingly...but I always shut him down cold. Thankfully he was not offended and was very patient with me...and

I want a big black dick

and pulls it out, Im working like 3 fingers in my ass and just empting the bottle ok KY, and he sees the pipe on the table. “Let me hit this shit nigga” as he helps himself to the meth. Im jacking his now protected dick while he is hittin the pipe. And I lead him over to the bedroom and bend over the corner of my bed still jacking his huge dick.

Getting the Cheerleader

playing some music and finishing her homework. She was facing the mirror, which showed the reflection of the door, so if she looked up, she would see Nick standing there, but she was fortunately looking down at her homework. Nick could see that perfect cleavage of hers in the mirror, and her bright red panties from her back, because she was

My Best Friend’s Older Sister (Part 2)

math for AP, so we got a small class to ourselves and would remote into the University’s lecture hall for calculus class. At first, he would only blow me during our daily time together, but he finally worked up the courage to let me take his virginity and to routinely fuck his ass. “It worked out better that way, since it turns out that calculus

Khoe, A Tale of Sadness & Joy Ch. 03

be allowed to feel my fingers in your hair,’ she smiled softly, ‘I have wanted that for days now.’ Somehow, Kerry realized a little later on, they’d gone from standing there in his dining room to making the trip up here to his bed. He could tell himself that he recalled a few details of the trip — such as Khoe leading him up the stairs with the

I like you in your bikini best

so it was over with pretty quickly. I was surprised I had even gotten off since he was only at the most, semi-erect. I was exhausted after doing most of the work and I couldn’t understand what had gone on. He used to jump my bones anytime he saw me. Usually it was the first thing he did when he got home and he often would even try and get some

Tricked by the Lady Georgiana

you,” His Grace exclaimed, “Don’t keep her waiting Hardy, chop chop.I slipped off my jacket and breeches. My shirt. My Boots. I knelt before her and kissed her mouth, “May I make you mine again?” I asked.“Why ask, just take me I cannot refuse,” she replied.“Say no and I shall defer to Mr Dawkins,” I advised, “But I own I relished our first union,

Harvest of Expectations Ch. 13

hope it does rain,’ Hildy said. ‘I hope it rains the whole time—real hard. Then we’ll be stuck inside with nothing to do—if you know what I mean’ Jim was laughing at her again. ‘How much champagne did you have to drink?’ he asked her. ‘Just a couple,’ she said. ‘I don’t want you to think I’m crude. It’s just that…’ ‘It’s okay, Hildy. I just

Amelie part 5

now one front and one in the back. She clutched the handles firmer. Even before the hand on her behind went down into her pants, she was getting horny. Knew that she had to submit to them. “Please..” she said In a weak voice, closed her eyes, but kept on stepping. They began to lift her shirts up, over her head, into a mess around her wrists. A

My girls brother

orgasm.Danny stood up lifting his sisters legs wide open. I reached over taking her legs in my hands holding them as wide as I could. She put up no resistance and just carried on sucking my cock as Danny rubbed his cock up n down her soaking wet cunt. Slowly parting her lips. She stopped sucking my cock n gasped as the tip of his massive cock

Would You Like to See Me Naked?

Kirsty had just shown us.  She had zoomed it in on her cleavage.  I had been right, you could easily see the side of her bare breast!.  I quickly closed the message out and glanced over at her, but she was talking to the girl next to her.  A few minutes later, over exchanged hugs and wishes for a great Thanksgiving, they all left the office and

In Love With The Dog

desperate. Sara felt the surge of cum seconds before it hit her and she pulled back just in time. Her mouth tore free as the first wave of cum hit her face. She smiled to herself as Max sprayed his cum on her face, tits and neck. Most of the sperm hit her lips and she snuck her tongue out to taste it, realising she liked the taste. She pressed

New Home New Adventures

oh my god oh fuck..." she breathed, convoulsion running thew her body... "like that dont you?" i breathed into her ear as i back myself out and impaled her again" "Fuck, dont stop, dont stop!" Picking up my pace, i bent onto my knee's and watched as my cock penitarted her repeadly, faster and faster. Her warm juices mixith with mine on my cock


almost harshly. Moaning loudly she tried to shake her head 'no'. It couldn't be…could it? She was wondering. All her life she had a secret which none knew. A secret that could, and would ruin all she had fought so valiantly to have.Again, she felt the scratchy tongue, lapping at her most intimate places. Her clit was shown no mercy, as it was

The Janitor: Extra 1 Part 2 'Dirty House Call'

The compliment was something that he didnt ask her to say, which meant that it was likely to be what she really felt. This happened sometimes when he wasnt paying attention while expanding his will."I really enjoyed your cock last time." She said, her tone changing slightly, "Yours was so much better than the stupid boyfriends I had.""Thanks

Going Higher

the papers that.”Sofia stared. One moment of carelessness threatened to ruin everything. She’d never been the most confident speaker, and up against criminals and billionaires, she always needed something to enhance her underlying confidence. It wasn’t like she got high. She just got higher.Footsteps approached from the stairs below and she

Compurape 2.0

forward against her hot anus while pulling her back into him. If he hadn’t been rock hard he would have buckled, she was so tight. But finally the head of him popped through into her nether regions. He had wanted to be gentle. He didn’t want her too sore later–it would be impossible to explain. But he was driven now, hungry for her anal cherry.

Called Up to the Boss's Office

trying not to jerk away from his stare as I do. I finish my drink and as I do I can feel the buzz. It's been 5 hours since lunch. I wonder what his next move will be. I am beginning to feel that this is some sort of game."What division are you from?" he asks absently. "Scientific, I just moved up from Commercial a few weeks ago." "Well, an up and

Love Uncertain Chapter 1

managed to come to most of my ball games and school functions. Yeah, it was him and me against the world. When Dad wasn't home, or, had to travel for business, there was Consuelo. She was our live-in housekeeper. Dad had hired her when Mom died, to help out with me and the house. She was like a grandmother to me for six years. When I was fourteen

Naruto- KoRn Koncert In Konoha: Part 6

her tongue forcibly into his mouth.“Alright then, lets fuck.”She pulled him into a room and tossed him to the bed. She used the shackles and cuffs which were attached to his bed to bind him there. She then pounced like a cat onto his naked form. She sat on his chest for a second before pushing her pussy up to his face.“Lick it now, slave.”Naruto


have turned me into a sex addict!’ ‘This is only the beginning,’ she said with a wink. ‘What do you mean?’ ‘Let’s take a quick shower and get dressed. We have some shopping to do!’ Mehek said with a twinkle in her eye. After breakfast, Mehek and I got into the car and drove straight to the downtown of the city. Mehek obviously seemed to know

New Found Home Part 1

close to me. Feeling a single finger under my chin, forcing me to look up, she is right in front of me."Not how I thought you would take that, Kitten."My breath catches in my throat, unable to speak now. Opening my mouth to find I cannot form words, I close my mouth and look up at her with big, wide eyes."Now, is that any way to meet your

The Chalk Line

she whispered, the phone long abandoned on the bed, "can you feel it?" "Yesssss." he groaned. Her fingers moved inside her, probing, exploring, searching in perfect imitation of him. In and out, moving quickly then slowly then quickly again. His stroking matched her movements. Her left hand moved to her breasts, clutching at them, squeezing,

For you incest lovers.

sexual.With only my boxers on I ran downstairs to the computer and typed in her password. I looked through her pictures, emails, and her desktop. Just when I was about to give up I decided to check her history, scrolling through her history and finding absolutely nothing until a website I was not familiar with came up. Www.match.com I decided it

The Locket

get you something very special, so I decided to give you the most precious thing I have,’ I told her. She opened up the box and then the locket. She was delighted with my present. Then I told her to look at the card. After opening the envelope, she read the card and began to cry. Through her tears, she read aloud what I had written. ‘The most

The Clock Master part 3

she begins grabbing the bed sheets with an iron grip.I spank her again and speed up as I start grunting showing I’m getting close.I choke her with her collar holding it up Her pussy then grips down on my dick squirting everywhere and I reached my limit as well.“Kara I'm cumming”I fill her up pouring every single last drop into her all the while

Jennifer's Surprise: Chapter 1

me to get rid of these wet panties and show you my cunt? I can't wait to show it to you."Jennifer inserted her thumbs into the sides of the waistband, and slowly pushed it down her hips. The crotch stuck to hers until the very last minute, until they finally let loose and the weight of the drenched things made it fall down quicker than it

Sexting my son 2

that you're slow on the send button.Daniel. Not fair, I want that pict.Me. Which one is that?Daniel. Of youMe. Describe it to me please, I'll see if I can find it.Daniel. No fair, it wasDaniel. It was looking down your top.Me. Oh my, you want a picture looking down my top, why?Daniel. No fair, you got one of my cock.Me. First hard cock I have

Bromfield’s Temptations Ch. 05

and went to the elevator. As I stepped into the car, I thought, what the hell? Why should I pretend around Bette? I’d have told Louise about the afternoon’s fun and games, why not tell her surrogate? I let myself into my apartment and looked around. Bette had evidently dressed in a hurry because she had left her nightgown, a bra and other clothes

Mistress Trixie

that Deanna didn't do her share of the chores.Maude had seen a magazine that Deanna subscribed to, in those days before the Internet, that involved submissive women, and things had taken their natural course.Deanna had been whipped by Maude, and then teased. She'd taken over the chores, and quite frankly all the rent, and then she'd begun going

Smoke Rings

Had she emptied that cereal bowl yesterday or the day before? She couldn’t remember. OK. She’d eat. She passed the fireplace en route to the kitchen and flicked her cigarette butt into the ashes. Little bits of charred lace of the coverlet from the bed were still visible. If she could have found a way to set fire to the mattress without damaging

The Tub of Cherry Garcia

to satisfy my late-night munchies. It didn't seem like such a big deal at the time, but in retrospect... Katie really loved her favorite ice cream!"Beth!" she shouted up at me. I could hear that my sexy girlfriend had now reverted to the adversarial tones she used in her day-job as a successful litigator. I could tell I was about to be

My first time - a fantasy

I moved my hands down to her upper thighs and my thumbs brushed some wetness – her pussy! Warm, wet and drooly. I went for broke and cupped her pussy, rubbing forward with one hand while my other went deeply between her cheeks and rubbed her anus. My cock went hard against the skin between. She moaned and said, “Oh, Bill. Yes, keep doing that.

Using Lace pt.3

howls could be heard through the thin walls. Private rooms? It was her only guess. That or dressing rooms. They came to an open door. Letting Lacey in first Antonio followed and closed the door behind him. Lacey looked around the small room. Most of the lighting was from candles burning in sconces on the walls. A metal pole stood in the center of

Blood Bonds Pt. 05

‘Stop it. Stop it. Stop it,’ Sarah whispered, bouncing up and down in impotent frustration, giving Ana a withering glare. The Dark Succubus kept her attention on the confrontation, one eyebrow cocked, amethyst eyes intent. The sun had vanished into a golden pool at the edge of the horizon, the few scattered clouds scudding in to block out what

2 Boy 2 Girl Cousins VOLUME 2

were still sitting on the porch, Grandma said you kids want your dessert now, it's apple pie with ice cream. We all said yes, then the two girls went to help her get it, out they came with bowls of pie and ice cream. I do not know about the others but I can not get the thought of us naked on that Queen Bed tonight. Finally it was time to head to

I Submit - Pt 2

has wondered why I come around more often than I used to. I can't believe that one day he asked me if I could come by to feed the horses because he has jury dutyand was going to be in court all week. He showed me what I had to do and said I justneeded to come by at the hour they are used to being fed: once in the morning and oncein the afternoon

Her Masters Orders

she looked around and caught a glimpse of the toys set out on the table ready for use, thoughts were running through her head, the pain she would feel if she doesn’t satisfy him, the pleasure she would receive if she does.   At that moment she heard footsteps coming from just outside the door her heart started to race thinking of what he will do

Summer Nowhere Part Two Keep My Secret

to find her, so she drew Isobel a map of where she was specifically headed. Isobel set it on her bed and then head to the shower. Brian, who had been listening in for a while, snuck into the room and looked over the map, making sure that he had it down enough to not get lost. He then placed it under Isobel’s bed. If she was going to go meet up

The sexual awakenings of teenage private schoolgirls part 7

get to eat pussy anymore, not since we live so far from the city. You simply cannot have a sexual relationship with another woman out here, and not have everybody finding out. Not that my husband would let me have a lady lover all to myself. He would want to join in and fuck her too. So what do you say ladies? Are we going to enjoy each other’s

Collar and Cage

roared as he entered the circle in the middle. He had completed the first trial! He stood proudly as Melissa came up to him, kissed him, and reattached the leash. She stood next to him, maintaining a slight pressure on the leash. The pressure on his leash was important; it reminded him of his connection to Melissa.The fourth contestant started

Hotel Room Threesome

type of fun we were having so he didn't want to listen to it going on.We were actually surprised that anyone was able to hear us but I liked the idea someone was. Tina asked me what we should do and I said the exact same thing we were already doing that I liked the idea of being listened to. I went back to eating her pussy but this time the guy

The Bank Job 03

before. He slipped a hand around to her front and began to stroke her clitoris, she still felt very sensitive there after her recent orgasm. She gasped and bucked beneath him. She felt his fingers slide under her hair and along her scalp. Grabbing a handful of her hair, he pulled her head back, forcing her to arch her back and pushing her

Vanessa's New Life Part 12

flow. It wasn’t long before she was moaning and sighing and within about 5 minutes she was screaming, “Yes, yes!” as she came for the first time. As she calmed down I asked her if she wanted me to put the chairs back so that she could stop. As she said was, “Don’t you dare!” Just as she was cumming for the second time Jon walked in the door. I

Perversia Ch. 01

cock, noisily slurping and sucking all along his meaty length, Queen Amara stood at the entrance of the throne room and watched with a pleased smile on her full lips. After a few moments of watching in admiration at the King's muscular chest heaving and listening to his manly grunts and groans, she strode into the room and up the short dais to

Old flame 2

at least give John a blow job.Later the next day we were out by the pool hanging out and drinking. The girls met up with us and I began talking to Dana again. Dana again looking sexy as hell in a nice two piece white practically see through bathing suite, said she remembers very little from the previous night and that she was wasted. But she did

Blondie (part 2)

there. But maybe today she would give in and let Herb have her bowels. This excited Herb so much; He began to fist the women even deeper and harder. This drove them wild. "Oh, Yessssssssss! That's it. Fist me deeper. Harder. Push your whole arm into me! They wailed together. They were cumming together also. Herb felt his cock getting even

I Love You Daddy - Part 2

tried to focus: this is me at my most functional, this is me doing what I was born to do. If Master sees me fulfilling my purpose without protest, maybe he will be convinced that my intentions are well, and maybe he will deign to use me for his cock. I need to keep the paying members of the website happy, but what he really wants from me, and

Thugs do it best!!

sexy and serious. "You see me now move before my rice burns." Any excuse would do at that point. "I aint hungry right now." He never broke eye contact, looking my directly in the eyes with every word he spoke. "I still gotta go see about it, get out my way boy." I guess that was the magic word. "Boy?? who the fuck yu callin' boy?" He turned me

Indiscretions Ch. 19

down her throat, across her chest, and into the valley between her small, wonderfully formed breasts. ‘Ahhhhh!!!!’ A sigh of enjoyment slipped from Kristin. Mitch’s lips moved to the under slope of her right breast, and, out of the corner of his eye, he could see that her nipple had begun to emerge. Kissing and licking, he circled the breast

Laid into the River Ch. 01

tried to shed her tears with her hands but before she knew it, her mother had slapped her right across the face leaving a large cut from her ring. Jill flew into the wall as she let out a little scream. ‘Go to your fucking room! When you can actually think, come back out and talk to me!’ Jill kicked off her boots and ran to her room crying very

Lily Ch. 01

Mr Hanson could make you pay if you displeased him. So instead I just continued my way down and brushed my hand over her jean clad mound. With any luck I might get to taste it after Mr Hanson had had his way with her. It's nice to see a rather sweet very self possessed girl like this totally defenceless in front of you. I could feel my own cock

The Retirees Club (09)

to suck.Presently, Tom pulled his cock out of Frank's mouth and Frank returned to sucking on me. It felt wonderful to have his mouth back on me. Tom came around and pressed my forehead to get me off Frank's cock, and put it in his mouth instead, as he knelt by the bed. I kept touching Frank with my close hand, and reached down to handle Tom

The Bicycle Mechanic

in a great hurry,’ OK, giveme the bicycle quickly’, and extended his hand for the key. Babua took the key from the nail on the wall and handed over to him. The man left immediately and Babua came back to his hut to go back to sleep wondering why the man was in such a hurry. While he was trying to go back to sleep he heard the sound of siren

Life in the Harem Ch. 12

time. I will ask you to leave now, and perhaps in the future, you and I can do business."Mr. Sako nodded. Master made sure he never burnt bridges.He had some of the armed men escort Mr. Sako and the Japanese to the airfield where their plane was waiting.Master gave the all clear for the lockdown and then called out for all slaves to assemble on


enough to be my best man when I married Ellen. A month after our wedding, the company closed down and we parted ways...heading off for new jobs and greener pastures. We kept in contact through the years, but never found the time to get together. As I was heading up there way for an extended business trip, I decided to make the time...to drop in

At the Campsite

sat there and watched us Sonia woke up and saw us two boys in a 69 and shouted for Jill to come and eat her pussy while she would eat hers. Jill took of her coat to reveal her naked body, she had cum sparkling down her legs from her fuck with Justin, Jill climbed on the bed beside us and lowered her cummy pussy to Sonias mouth, they licked and

Curse of Christina Ch. 01

from day to day. Occasionally I feel angry and dominant but usually I am turned on being the opposite, that is, difficult and submissive. Being a cuckold to a sexy dominant woman has a lot to do with it I guess. Christina entered my life out of nowhere after my wife died in car wreck. Fucking drunk drivers. They should receive public execution at

The Hidden Video Camera

gaped at Becky’s bulging panty clad lips!!! “You are a very bad boy to have gotten me so wet, Mr. Petersen,” she whimpered, “just look at my panties, I think they’re ruined!!!” “Oh, no,” he stammered, “I-I’m sure that if you just launder them they’ll be all right!!!” “Do you really think so,” she asked hopefully, “I don’t wanna get in trouble at

Sister's underwear picture message

again, wondering just how soft it would feel to have my hand on it.I have always been a bit of a joker so on a whim decided to strip to my boxers and take a picture of my bum which I sent to Chrissie with the text; “2 can play that game!”It was a pretty lame picture and one that wasn’t too risqué in any way to be too embarrassing, just

Gabby and Alan

and he didn’t know how much he had missed their previous companionship. She was always there for him whenever he had any problems, and would discuss anything with him that troubled her. ‘Hi Gabby, how are you?’ ‘Hello Alan, I’m great thanks. How long are you going to be here this time?’ ‘I’m not quite sure about this trip, I will just have to

Frank's Angels Fantasy #001

was nowhere near as anxious as I would have been had I been alone. For almost an hour we chatted with people. Masters and slaves, Dominants and submissives. As we did, we were greeted with three good friends of my Sir; Dave, Jack and Stephen. They greeted my Sir and then stayed near us as the socialization continued.If there was a sign, I

"Sex in the Rain. Well Kinda...."

I get that pretty smile that I haven't seen in weeks."Okay" u replied.I grabbed the shampoo and washed ur hair. Then grab the soap lathered ur wash cloth and slowly washed from ur neck to ur back. From ur back around to ur breast. I got a slight quiver. I stopped not over stepping my boundaries. I wait a second and continued on down to the

Project Assassin the Perfect Killer

bed. She was on her back as she spread her legs apart. I watched as she slowly ran her hand over her mound. I watched as she slipped one then two fingers up inside herself. Lucy started to run her fingers in and out of her pussy as I watched.I lie down close to her pussy watching as I took my cock into my hand. I ran it up and down on my cock as

Sarah – Part Twenty

into the bedroom wearing her pink bathrobe, all bright, bubbly and smiling. “Good morning. It’s about time you woke up.” This was a significant change from the night before when she had cum four times, was sore in several places, and, for the most part was in a daze. She was so exhausted that she had fallen to sleep in bed as we were talking

Second generation lesbian debut

able to believe I could be gay. One of our assistant coaches Vanessa came up to me and asked what was wrong. Vanessa was 19 years old about 5’10 and very strong and curvy. I lied and said I was worried about my injury. She wrapped her arms around me and I cried on her shoulder she told me about how a broken leg cost her her scholarship and she

Fidelity Ch 05

view. With a stern look, he pushed down on my shoulders.“My god, Matthew. Nudity is one thing, but public blowjobs are probably a felony or something.”I could see anger flare behind his eyes. He unbuckled and unzipped. I looked around. Seeing no one and decidedly horny myself, I squatted down, trying not to touch the filthy ground. The Mini

Daddy can't hold back

body above mine. I looked down the line of his body and saw he was holding his penis. He pointed the tip of his member at the crease between my thighs and pussy and then he started to lower himself sliding his penis into the crease, the moment his head touched my pussy I sighed and smiled. He slid in until his cock was buried between my legs, his

Casey's Double Life Ch. 02

to the images that floated around in his head about that night.That Saturday night Cara's friend Jenna invited Casey and her to go to a club they liked with her and Jesse. The four of them drank and had a great time chatting and dancing all night. Around 1AM they all left the club to go home. Casey was a bit drunk and so was Cara, but neither one

Montania: The Chronicles of Alyssa

time. He gripped her ass tightly. He drew his cock back, seeing the sun glisten on it from the juices. He climbed off of his knees and stood over Alyssa’s ass. He then lowered himself over her, guiding his cock to her entrance. He slipped in one final time, immediately fucking her hard and fast. Her pussy walls gripping his cock tightly as though

Memoirs of a Bisexual: Chapter 1 - The Sexual Revolution

cock. He was taking a small rest as he watched Amanda suck my cock. He, too, was mesmerized by seeing her suck my dick. He had never seen anything like that, either. As I continued to stare at Jeff’s dick, I past the point of no return. Amanda could sense that I was about to cum, so she pulled my cock out of her mouth and continued to stroke it.

The Witch and the Dragon Epilogue

Ashriel stiffened. Oh, no. He wasn’t prepared to face her yet. Perhaps if he just kept his back to her, ignored her, she’d go away. Anniel stepped around him. She was tall for an Edenian female, though she still came up to his nose. She stepped into him, her face angry. He felt her breasts press against his chest, tormenting him with the

Getting revenge on Daddy, part 2

her.You kiss her again, sampling her taste as your tongue penetrates her. Mm, cherries. So fucking good."You can touch me, too, mom." you whisper, arching your back to show off the perfect outline of your firm breasts through the see-through tank-top.She hesitates, her eyes flicking around the room. You smile a naughty smile. "It's okay, mom, I'm

Hotel Rouge - Part 4

is torture,' he gasped, as the birch swished across his backside in a series of lightly stinging, quick, short blows. 'Fantastic, wonderful torture. Ow!'The birch rods bit into his backside as I delivered a hard blow without warning. Then back to swish, swish, swish, slightly harder than before, but still gentle. He was moving now, eyes closed,

Memoirs of an English Student

is wearing only his boxers and his cock is causing them to bulge out at the front."Come on over" says Beth "you might as well join us" Without changing our position I have to peer through the gap between Beth's legs to see what is happening, Oh god no I don't want him to fuck me. I see the side of Beth's face, with one hand she is pulling his

Just Like in the Movies, pt. 2

for air. I couldnt even wait to catch my breath before pulling out the vibrator because it felt too good. My clit was so sensitive after that, I didnt even want air on it. It wasnt painful, it was just far too good to touch, and I was too weak to, anyway. As I sometimes do after a heavy orgasm, I fell into a hard sleep. I slept through my next

Game of Love Ch. 04

sculptures. The bed had red satin sheets and a velvet quilt. There were books everywhere. At the bedside there was a lamp with a red satin shade– the base was an embracing nude couple. He was…uh…shall we say, ready? She was voluptuous with long reddish hair. On the wall was a huge gold-framed (with red velvet insets) beautiful print of a couple

A Little Taste of Honey Pt. 03

that?""Yes Sir.""You're learning quickly, good girl. Come here."She walked confidently to him, eyes lowered as Honey had taught her, and waited for him to speak again. He popped the cork on the bottle, poured two glasses and handed her one. They locked eyes and drank deeply.He led Eve over to the sun loungers in the corner. He sat first, opening