The Basics of Actually Good Erotica

can approach the middle. If you’re anything like me, you lean a little too close to the other end of the scale: caring too little about the sex. Maybe you hate sex but still want to use this site as an outlet for your writing, you cheeky devil you. Maybe you started as a sex story but can’t escape the buildup cycle you’ve created. Maybe it

My Hot Wife Sue And Her First BBC - Part 3

my cock.  We stripped off our clothes and fucked like dogs in heat.  Sue panted as she said, “A big black cock in my pussy.  A big black cock between my lips.  Holy shit, I can’t wait!”I confirmed James for four hours on our third day in Miami. The anticipation leading up to our vacation was spectacular. We fucked every day and fantasized about

First Encounter With Magneta

of her ass. She gets up a little and I take a deep breath, just that moment: *brrrrrrppphhh* And before I even can cough out the bad air, she sits back on my face, holding the bad air in me. I can slightly hear the girls laughing. I feel Magneta move and suddenly I feel the heels of her feet slightly kicking between my legs. Magneta gets up and I

Wild Night With Jody And Her Friends

night, but all of a sudden this group of young pretty girls came into the bar. The one girl was wearing a tiara on her head with a cute pink shirt that said ‘Bride-to-Be.’ She was also in a short mini skirt with black pumps. This girl was absolutely beautiful. All the rest of the girls were wearing shirts that said “Bridal Party Member.” The

Midnight Train To Nowhere Ch. 02

‘Ma’am I’ll be happy to leave you alone if you’d like. I regret if me being here upsets you.’ It took a moment for his words to sink in, and as they did she cried even harder. He was the first person who had spoken kindly to her in many days. ‘No.’ She cried, wiping angrily away at the tears. ‘No, not at all.’ She continued, looking up into his

A Lesson in Honesty

with excitement. It seemed she timed her lashes so that each time he felt his balls constrict with the need to discharge the quirt would smack lower, closer to his scrotum. His breath grew ragged as he reached the brink of orgasm and he groaned loudly, desperate to hold back.“We have always been honest with each other, haven’t we?” she asked and

A New Leaf Ch. 02

my bonds. I was screaming in ecstasy by this time, not even capable of thought. I came, long and strong, and it didn't stop, fighting the deluge of my cum with mechanical force. Gradually, it slowed, until I sagged against the metal bonds, without even realizing I'd been straining at them with all my might just a moment ago. But the machine

Jackie gets drugged (Chapter two)

late her only ride was the city bus. I knew that she would be here any minute; the city bus is never late. I sat down on the couch in my seat and turned on the T.V. I turned it to cartoons, although I am a little older I still enjoy watching Cat Dog, Ren and Stimpy, and even Sponge Bob. About ten minutes later there was a knock on the door. I got

Adopted Brother shows kid sister true pleasure

description of myself. My name is Jacob and Im 17 years old. (This is not my real name, it will not be provided for various reasons.) All my friends call me Jake. Those would be the kids I use to think really cared about me. Boy was I wrong! The only ones you really can trust are your family, this made me realize that! Im about 510, 155 pounds. I

The 19th Hole

in Lalique scotch in the den. ‘I don’t believe Alberto will give you head,’ said David as he took another sip from his glass. ‘Alberto is the best butler I’ve had working for me, he will.’ Alberto entered with a towel, tray of sandwiches and an ice bucket with bottles of Hacker-Pschorr Weiss, a German beer. ‘Master Dwane, do you require anything

TwitterTale:Boys of the Old Brigade

up. Called my people. They brought the truck. My toys now. I left them them a few of their claymore. Hope the rental place has fire insurance. Thanked civilian. Mentioned that the rental place may not be a good place to be for a few days. Gave me strange look. Back to LA. Civilian called my cell from the card I left her. Apparently, the rental

Mark Surrenders Ch. 05

the sense of pleasure. I also know spankings are one of the most common kinks couples enjoy even when most of their sex life may be vanilla. Since I have not experienced spanking before, the idea of it excites me, makes me feel very submissive, but also scares the hell of me. When I picked up your toy order, I spent time looking at the selection

Grendel Wolde

brains was frightening. His nephew, Dres, was a little better and the other men of the daleship council, as were some others of their age. They had learned to think and to decide when to pick a fight, at least on good days. But Dres was old as well. Not as old as Tinu, certainly. No one was that old anyway. The oldest men died the latest one or

Busty nurse Mom

returning to his own room when he caught the eye of Joe, an old man in for a broken hip. Joe winked at Paul and smiled. "She's on tonight, Paul."Paul went over and sat on Joe's bed. "Who's on?"Joe leaned forward and whispered,"The nurse with the huge rack. Christ, I've never seen 'em so big. She's pretty too...long dark hair and a cute face. You

The Beginning

by 3”.   I drew it out and looked at it.   My heart was pounding.   I opened the smaller box, my cheeks turning crimson and my fingers trembled as I opened it. And I took out the object inside.   It was a life size replica of a man’s penis, 7” long and 1 and a half inches in diameter.   It was a realistic soft rubber like replica and as far as I

Vision of the Spirit Ch. 17

over time — lots of time. Tom fought the urge to open drawers, because this was her private space. He wouldn’t intrude until she invited him in. Suddenly tired, he went back to the living room, laid down on the couch, and fell asleep. A while later, something woke Tom. At first, it was part of his dream, but gradually he became aware that someone

Truth or Dare: Neighbors edition

ass." Then she pulled out her brother's cock and took him into her mouth. Once Marcus' cock was nice and hard. He kneeled down and slid his cock into Tish's hot cunt. "That's right big brother. Fuck this ass eating white bitch" Marcus started kissing his sister Kelly, while he fucked Tish's pussy. Making Tish cum on his cock. "Fuck me, Marcus.

Courtesan Ch. 09

I would like to ah, you know..." I was stammering. Kelly mercifully interrupted me. She was giggling. "My baby doll is trying to tell you that he feels like he still owes you a little oral attention and I think he wants to pay his debt before you leave." Tonya smiled at me. "I am very curious. Your wife loves to brag about your skill with your

Innocence Lost

Her tits drape to her sides as she lays on her back, Scott on top of her kissing her passionately. Scott pushes himself up and leans over her. Sara runs her hand across his chest, feeling his muscles. Scott runs his hand down her chest, past her succulent breasts, down her soft stomach, and then to the waist of her shorts. He gently runs his

The First Meeting

around one and then again to the other, bringing his mouth down onto the right. He sucked softly, biting it gingerly. It felt like forever and I felt myself getting wetter the longer he kept it up. He moved to the left doing the same he did to right and moved his free hand to the back of my skirts expertly undoing them all in mere minutes, they

my brothers join in 3

his dick. My dad continued to pound into me. Lick my fucking balls boy! my dad grunted. Ahh yea. Thats it, he moaned when my brother latched on. I could feel my dad about to cum. James was now pounding into Jamal grunting and moaning with his head thrown back. Fuck my ass good bro, Jamal said. James gripped Jamals hips to get in deeper. He

A Special Father’s Day Gift

could tell by the way Mrs. Smith looked at the glass that just touching it made her bladder twinge. Mr. Smith did not need to track the time because somehow Mrs. Smith summoned enough power to raise the glass to her lips and chug the whole glass."Well done. Not taking any risks today I guess. Now comes the fun part," He said sitting down in a big

Aunty Rose: Summer Heat

was in serious danger of getting a slap if she didn’t back-off. Matt, my husband, sensed the tension and sensibly went to join the men, doing whatever men do when they gather round the barbeque. I was feeling a little tipsy, having had little to eat all day and I was spoiling for a fight as I’d found myself in a similar position before – a woman

The Doctor is In Ch. 03

I didn’t know you cared, Teach baby! You care enough to buy me a pack of smokes?’ I looked away before I got angry with her. ‘You’re a minor, and you can’t smoke in here. Do you want to tell me what happened to you?’ Elena shrugged. ‘I told the po-pos already. Go get my statement from them.’ I didn’t like cops much either. They show up too late,

Butch Black Women Ch. 07

Investigator. Basically, she keeps big business on its toes. And you know what? She is quite good at it. It's always so good to see Black men of intelligence, good looks and educational achievement paired up with equally educated, sexy, smart and downright fabulous Black women. Stefano and Sabrina are a match made in Caribbean Heaven,

sexy soph!

in this way and spent most of my time with them acting like a loving uncle and 'father figure' but then lately soph as been acting more and more adult like.after watching mature tv programmes she's been taking about people having sex with each other and looking sexy, not really taking much attention until the other day when the missus was telling

birthday gift

boyfreind i was sleeping in my baby pink color nghtie it was early morning i felt that someone was at the door. i quickly woke up and somehow managed to change in to my shorts and vest striping my nightie i was wearing pantie inside my shorts and rushed to the door when i opened it i was surprised to see my boyfreind standing there.i scolded him

Kristi and Her Dad.. Chapter 2

In this way, but she loved him and couldn't help herself, She started thinking of last night, when she got home from her college cheerleading practice She was suppose to spend the night at Barbi's house with some of the other girl's to practice cheers and gossip, but at the last minute decided to go home and get a good night's sleep. She

The Meadow

and kiss my way down your tummy, undoing your pants and reaching inside. My fingers quickly find your soaked panties and begin to rub your pussy, making you squirm and moan. We both pause and remove our clothes and lay back down next to each other again. I feel you wrap your hand around my cock at the base, stroking me up and down. Your lips wrap

Going Down?

feeling about you. You seem like a very honest young lady, that's something I always look for. I'll be in touch in a few days."I thanked him again and we shook hands. "I'll show you out" he said. We walked back towards the lifts and Jerry pressed the 'down' button. As we stood waiting for the elevator Jerry continued."I must say I'm very

Break Me: A Love Letter

she needed to drink water. The damp, soaked cloth in her mouth not only wasn't enough, but it was making it hard to breathe and sending her into some condensed version of terror. It seemed so simple, water, drinking water, swallowing water, cool and pure and delicious and everything she needed right now. "I'm sorry, baby. Was that not enough for


jist of what he wanted and switched from Joe's cock to his. "I'm done for at least an hour, but I wanted to see if your friend would do that, Joe.""I have to wait an hour?" I asked."You, don't. But I do." With that he pulled me toward him and started sucking my cock again. This time, I finally came and not a single drop escaped from

Our Help

my head.I could hear the buttons click on the keyboard as Louise sent my reply to ms McGirk,I was just nodding off when Louise said “fucking hell she is eager,she has replied and confirmed the booking and is delighted at the price,payment is already in the account and she looks forward to being used by you both again,oh the poor old dear really

Boarding School Encounter 09: Henrietta Molested by the Nanites

all the girls chasing me spoke in unison. Every time I glanced behind me, they were still racing after me, connected by their tentacles, the ones at the front, including Tabitha and Peony, had their metallic tentacles undulating before them, eager to grab me and fuck me.The pain in my ankle faded as I ran. But soon my side hurt. I sucked in

Dad dupes Daughter

Her father took both her hands in his hands, in an expression of thanks."Yes, daddy, I promise," said Angel smiling."That's good! (her father placed both her palms flat on his spread open thighs and held her palms there). I want my darling daughter to remain beautiful and shapely." Her father's eyes again travelled all over her body... her chest,

Average Joe’s Army

with plate collections and special donations to help the poor and the needy over the years. Now, feeling that their plight was falling on deaf ears and that all the financial support was for naught, they called the newspapers and television stations before locking arms and amassing in front of the church to not allow the Bishop to padlock the

Manmoirs: A Bonus From The Boss

house where she proceeded to jump at me, kissing and tonguing me. Next thing I know she pushed me into the wall and pulled down my shorts. My cock was at-attention and she went straight after my throbbing cock, dragging her tongue up and down the shaft. The unexpected blowjob was a welcomed surprise. She sucked my cock so hard and fast that she

A Gift From His Father Ch. 23

kissed Candace after pulling her into a close hug and whispered, ‘Take care of my girl. I’ll be back as soon as I can.’ He turned to Elizabeth. ‘If you have nothing else planned I have a job for you. Catch up with me in an hour or so.’ ~~~ Her phone rang, startling her, but she managed to find it among the discarded clothes and seeing who it was,

Reclaiming Nadia

him.“The outside is nice. The inside….” He let the sentence trail off.“What? Is it like really nasty or something?”“You’ll see when you come in.”He opened the door, and I was rather apprehensive to enter after that evasive answer. I followed him in anyway, and was met by one of the tiniest kitchens in existence. You could barely fit three people

Tales of Kairndal Part 1: Act 2

nearby tree whose lower branch held a quiver packed full of arrows out to him. He lifted the leather bag off the limb and passed it to Alaric who carefully hung it across his back. The pack barely weighed anything and it took him no time at all to adjust to it. “Lesson one. Always be prepared. It’s better to have much too many arrows than much

Showering With My Sexy Sister

She giggled too, easing up on my arm twisted up behind me. I could feel her stomach muscles jump against my back as she giggled. "I'm sorry I called you a Big Fat Cow, you Big Fat Cow!" I laughed back. She released me, hugged me to her and slapped my butt several times, stinging slaps, but her delicious breasts against my face made it all

Harry Potter and the Spellbook of Desires - Chapter 13 - Hogwarts Pimp

This story does not reflect the attitudes or characters in the Harry Potter series, nor does it have any affiliation with its author.Story Codes: mf, mf, Mf, ncon, x-mast, cream pie, grope, magic, mc, preg, spank, unif, The Triwizard Cup feast had gone off without any problems; Ron had used a wondrous little potion to seduce the beautiful Fleur

A sissy cannot sl**p alone

cocks and taste my precum. And each time I saw a porn-movie I wish I was the girl, sucking those big dicks, and with time my mind had become girlish. And I could feel the butterflies in my belly just waiting to feel a big dick smash against them from the backdoor, becoming a giggling little fucktoy when the butterflies got cum as nutrition. And

The Widow Ch. 17

healthy baby.’ ‘Oh, Wow!’ Greg said. ‘We…we’re gonna have a baby!’ He sat up. ‘I’m gonna go up and tell Uncle John. He’ll be real excited.’ ‘Honey…I…I hope you don’t mind, but I told him earlier,’ Abby said. ‘I was going to tell you last night, but, well, we got busy, then we fell asleep, and you left so early this morning and…well, I had to tell

Taking The Babysitter

near her, my breasts brushing against her upper arm. I whispered into her ear through her sandy blonde hair. "He's as good as you dream, you know," I hissed. I was standing close enough to feel her slight tremble. She tried to step back but she was against the wall. I stepped with her, pressing her flat against it, my breasts against hers. Fuck,

Discount Store, Part Two

Then she left the apartment. I was thrilled to finally meet a nice looking woman that we had a lot in common in our work and with our ideas. I couldn't wait to get to know her better.I heard a knock on my door and I let Karen back into the apartment. To my surprise, she was now carrying the same bag that contained stuff that Mrs. Jones had

Vengeance 7

as she moved into a spooning position in front of me. My arm wrapped over and around her , rubbing her breasts as it passed but coming to rest just above them near her shoulder. Her one hand slipped under mine, intertwining her fingers, the other slipped over and held them in place. I leaned my head in close and smelled the lovely blueberry


to slowly shove my cock deep into her ass she was humping back to meet my every thrust. the curve of my penis was rubbing the head of my cock directly on her "G" spot and she began unloading again I'm cumming again oh God Bill I love you Ohhhh fuck me fuck me fuck meee ! ! Baby!! I felt my balls catch on fire and I started fucking her in a


dig into me as she tried to hold on while I bucked in her saddle. She uttered ‘Oh my God, Oh my god.’ Over and over in disbelief that she had created such a powerful force. She came shortly after me, and through her entire orgasm again locked her lips on mine. As our climaxes subsided, I began to pull out of her, but she clutched me close and

Ivy, Barbie and Me: Part Two

by shower steam, then I stepped over the tub wall and the door was pulled shut behind me. I grabbed a towel, dried myself off then turned around and tried to open the shower door to get another peek at the girls. No sooner did I get it open a crack then it was slammed shut again from the other side. “Get out of here!” Barbie called to me. “We’re

Drunken wife is used by security guards

year we were on holiday and having lotsof fun. Beth was drawing lots of admiring glances, andsome downright blatant stares, in her very brief yellowbikini. I felt ever so proud of her, knowing all thesemen were lusting after her. ‘See! It was money well spent.’ She said. ‘It was thebest anniversary present you could ever have given me.’ It was


looked back over her shoulder at Phillip, who was coming close behind her, then rounded the corner. The walls on either side of her were higher then her head. It had started when she had decided to visit the renaissance festival this weekend. The ad she had seen on TV was so inviting. So she had made her plans and was there when the cannon went

Dave Gets an Education Pt. 06

on my face."Lick" she said. "I need to see if I can concentrate on my reading while a man is licking my ass."She continued sitting there for nearly 30 minutes. My tongue was getting tired. Finally she got up and smiled down at me."You're such a good salesman." she said. "Have this delivered to my house. I'm sure I'll be back to see you again."I

Brief Hospital Visit

you widened your legs for me. You squirmed your approval as my fingers rubbed the outsides of your pussy lips, pushing them together as my fingers rubbed up and down them. I pulled you onto the bed into the 69 position, your legs spread wide. I pushed your skirt over your hips and pulled your beautiful wet pussy towards my mouth. I swatted each

Harry Potter - Chapter 7

shock to him when he saw Hermoine approaching him. Hermoine looked stunning in her tight blue jeans and her fushia colored sweater. Her beauty almost made him forget why he was there. When Hermoine stood before him, Ron kneeled down and bent before her in a long bow. “I am really sorry for what I did. I know I must seem like an animal to you

Asmodeus – Demon of Lust: Part 4

me horrific. Nothing will stand in my way. Have I finally proven to myself and soon the entire hordes of hell that I am a force to be reckoned with? No-one would think to challenge me after they find the scene I left waiting for them in my chambers. Not that I intend to be here for very long, but still, it pays to be prepared. I open up the cave

Just Suppose…

isn’t enough, especially in summer. The heat makes you restless, more conscious of your body. You sense possibilities. Something should be happening. You dress carefully, looking at yourself from time to time, posing, allowing your mind, and your fingers, to wander just a bit. You feel the silk of your inside thighs, squeeze the aureolae till

Another Plumber Story

have a quiet busy woman around. She was a craftswoman, an artiste, a real professional cock sucker of unique talents. I leaned over her and returned my finger to her anal folds having scooped up a dollop of margarine out of the margarine dish which was reclining on the kitchen table. I have my boy-scouts badge for getting in and out of tight


again moved before him to receive his fresh load.Tubby became a regular at our home on Friday evenings after that, when his wife was otherwise engaged. Sep loved videoing me being plugged, and unplugged by Tubby’s knob, and got very excited watching Tubby’s huge body humping me. Truthfully I didn’t mind, and really like Tubby. Sep would then join

Glamour Shots, Chapter 7

in, and took out the whole works, my erection still rigid and my balls feeling like they were ready to explode. “I only show my little guy off to you, not to just anyone.” She reached down and cupped my aching scrotum in her hand, gently squeezing my balls and tugging on the entire sack. “And I do love to look at it. Tell me, are you planning to

O Brave New World

hand and they made contact, and pulled their bodies together. In the zero gravity, everything was different, strange, as their bodies slid across each other. Jane’s breasts, full and proud on her body, and needing no support to stay that way, moved in the weightless space as though each had its own life. Steve’s mouth moved to those sensual

A Great Fantasy

her beautiful tits bouncing slightly, her ass playfully beckoning. She makes eye contact, licking her lips teasingly. My 7 inch cock hardens quickly. She comes around, and undoes my pants. She is on her knees, and I can see right down her lingerie, and the sight is beautiful. She takes off my pants, and strokes my penis a few times, making eye

Helping a Friend Make a Baby Part 2

to lie next to her. Kim put her hand on my cock and asked if it would be alright if she kissed my dick. I could tell she was nervous, but seemed to want to try. I rolled to my back and told her that her luscious lips would feel great on my cock. She tentatively moved the lips down to kiss the head of my cock. As she did so I let out a big moan to

Jennys' Wild Ride

and I could see she was about to come I stopped. Alice almost screamed at me but I told her to wait for it, the wait will be worth it. I took a double headed dildo out of my night stand next to the bed and got back on the bed facing her. I put the one head in my pussy and got into position scissoring our legs so the other head of the dildo

Lesbian Desire 2

smiled one last time and put on her acting face,and as she turned around all Carrie saw was another female with tears in her eyes.Sim was not sure how much longer she could hold back as Kylie released Jess’ slave and ordered her to get onto the mat, ”Get on your hands and knees fucktoy and face the camera”,the poor girls drool ran from behind the

My virgin asshole

a last few thrusts, I felt a gush of her cum shooting over my balls and cock before she flopped down on top of me - with her fake dick still deep inside my ass.She pulled out, leaving my anus gaping from the pounding it had just taken, and stood up on the bed ordering me to roll over. As my hands were still cuffed to the bed, when I rolled over

A Christmas Abduction Ch. 01

woman walked out. She was curvaceous and covered in a corset. She saw me there shivering. The cold stone room felt like an ice bath. She walked in front of me and I saw her standing over me. She leaned forwards and I could see right down her breasts. My cock twitched. Making her laugh "haha. Do you like my breasts slave!" She slapped me on the

Fun On A Spring Day

her nipples are hard and her chest is firm. She acts has she has no idea her top is that open.I told Lisa once while in bed that I loved her chest and that every guy should be able to see how perfect it is at least once in their life. Her responce was, "Well if that's what would make you happy. I just might be able to do that then from time to

Complicated Love Pt. 01

father’s bedside and knelt down, taking his father’s hand in his. ‘I’m dying,’ his father said, ‘No way to hide it. It’s the truth and I’ll have to accept it. I just wish I could live until I see you happy…’ He trailed off, and closed his eyes. It was a great effort to talk. ‘I am happy dad.’ Chris said gently, stroking his father’s hand. ‘No

First Encounter Part III (The Journey Begins)

me, touch my clit, I want to cum for you. She jerked in surprise. For a millisecond her ass lifted off the chair when he penetrated her pussy and pulled out the vibrator and turned it off. Strong hands pushed her heels to the outside legs of the chair. One binding, click, around her ankle as it was now immobile, then, click, her other ankle

Devil Child

tits were really small the oversized vest made them more obvious than had she worn something tighter, her little points poking out the loose material. She more or less skipped into the kitchen, from which I heard “Oh goody goody”. She soon returned to the lounge with a plate of cheesecake and two spoons. “Would you like some cheesecake?” she

A Night at the Theatre

I never usually heard from him during the day, and rarely saw him except at the weekends. “Hi Ali,” he said, sounding very anxious. “Are you free to talk?” I looked around, intrigued, a little worried, but there was no one in earshot. “Yes. What’s up?” He was silent for a few seconds, which only made me more nervous. “You remember the other

Tune Up

noise in the engine as she pulled up to the intersection of Fifth and Eye.  By the time Christie rounded the driveway of Gonzales All Service Tune N’ Lube, it sounded as though her car might fall apart.  Noises not unlike the desperate squeezing of an empty metal oil can announced her presence to the shop.  Christie lurched out of her car and

Scene Two from a Novella

if she had a mind to. Her grandfather Peter had come from Belfast runnin’ from the Brits and so she was here, amid the birds and trees and berries and fruit and laughter and she still hated the Brits and their thieving ways and Gregory was her second to oldest child, second to oldest son. And he’d gone wrong. Bernice would sit in her room in the

Youth Revisited

was about to happen again. Amanda leaned forward, supporting herself with her hands on the chair’s arms. She spread her legs and looked between them to see his slacks and boxers drop to the floor. First she felt his hands on her hips and then, what she had been wanting, the end of his cock touched the opening of her very wet pussy. He pressed

Smut: C02

starting to hide things from me! You don’t trust me anYMORE!” Alex pushed off her father in a screaming fit. She punched him the face as hard as she could. He grabbed her back into his grip.“Honey, remember your exercises.”“NO! YOU’RE A LIAR! WHY SHOULD I LISTEN TO ANYTHING YOU TAUGHT ME! I HATE YOU!”Alex lunged her mouth into her father’s

The Band Perv

his age.Enough with the long, boring introduction. Nate met Alec through band in 7th grade, and soon they became rather close friends. However in 8th grade, when Alec decided he was going to try and disturb everyone in the school, they grew a bit apart. Because of this, Alec was maybe more sexual to Nate than he was anyone else. He’d always had a

Jessinta Ch02B – Tuesday

to class after lunch. Once the bell sounded I made my way down to the rear of the school and to the Pavilion area. I then squeezed myself through the gap in steel mesh fence and walked towards the train tracks I walked on the train tracks and off school grounds. By walking by the tracks, I was out of the school grounds and out of sight of anyone

Auto Erotica Ch. 02

angles of his face were arresting and the body was promising. Over their heads I caught a familiar figure in the distance, leaning against his blue and ghost-flamed Sky, watching me. Our eyes met and held a second too long. Shit, he was coming over, I had to escape. ‘I’ll race you when you get the Hemi.’ I brushed my hand down his arm and

Becoming Anthea

you as Anthea. We can’t have you in a sexy dress and call you Anthony, can we?”I blushed but smiled. She led me into the bathroom and pulled the elastic band holding my ponytail. My hair cascaded down to my shoulders. We went into the bathroom and I stepped into the shower while Zoe undressed. She joined me in the shower, stroking my cock slowly.

Rough Cut Ch. 15

He hiked up the stairs, balancing the tray, without a care to being quiet. The mound of linens had shifted, and Danja Bittners was sitting upright. Azure eyes, the color of a clear October sky, peeked over a sheet held up to her chin. There was a flash of innocence in the blue depths, like a little girl waking up for school. But then life rushed

Happy B-Day Me (Pt.1 & 2)

night. When he came back the next morning, everything seemed fine, so the guy went into the security room to check the tapes.11:00 PM- the girl looks bored, so she takes a riceroni out of the fridge and eats it.12:00 AM- the girl had been drinking wine after the riceroni and was drunk when a guy walks in. he’s looking at the shelves and starts

Jake’s Reward

Cloud Has A Silver Lining) AUTHORS NOTE: This is my very first attempt at writing and has taken quite awhile for me to put my thoughts into words. I have, while in the process of writing this story, written one short story that has already been posted. I always have had a rather vivid imagination and a romantic at heart. As such, I hope you all

The Lady and the Firefighter

was not on that but on her and the need to see her body, to touch it, to assure himself that he was still a man. When they were in the bathroom, she got the water going and he was going to jump in the shower, but she wouldn’t let him by her actions. She started rubbing his body with her hand, and then the kisses started. It was more that he

Man-Eater of Myanmar

months ago, but he found that it was especially good fishing. He’d caught dozens of catfish, eels, carp, snakeheads and gar in this particular location, so he made a habit of setting his lines there. Unfortunately, he had no such luck today. At first, there seemed to be nothing on the hooks at all, but then, some started to come up with nothing

Mother Teaches Daughter a Lesson

she walked back into the closet and came back out with a vibrator and lube. I looked at her as she stripped down slowly removing her top and bra. I opened my mouth wanting to take her warm pink nipple into my mouth. She knew this and slid her skirt off. She walked over to the head of the bed. She took off her soaking wet panties. I leaned my head

One In Three -part 1

in the same manner, their father still absorbed with reaming-running-roughshod up Ellie’s ass, and Gretchen put her fingers between Bridget’s legs. The girls they then all three looked over at Maggie; she’d at some point poured herself a large tumbler of wine and had been quietly seated off to the side, having a smoke, observing the action. She

Her Husband's Boss

yes, even the weather. When the conversation finally lagged, Jessica went to the point. “So, my husband is going to be a great Vice President,” she said breezily. “We’re so excited!”Slater studied her, an air of amusement playing on his lips. “Yes,” he said evenly, not taking his eyes of hers. “That has a good chance of happening. It

More fun with Kathy

where hard and puckered and I massaged one while I sucked the other. Her body responded to my touch and a slight moan escaped her lips. “Sue was right. You do have a wonderful tongue. How would you feel about using it on my pussy? I have never cum outside before and I think tonight is the night.” And with that she lifted her bottom from the

Her first of many

tank top that was see through and I could tell she already had her swim suit on. She also had on a cut off pair if Daisy Duke shorts that showed all of her perfectly tanned legs. I had already gone and put on my suit. Once she walked through the door and her dad left we had a little make out session before We walked out to the pool and I jumped

Peril in the Pines Ch. 02

to the strange business in the woods. ‘Tell me, Jack, what’d you make of the things those hoodlums were doing out there in the woods?’ ‘I watched the fat guy picking up some kind of bricks and tossing them into a cart. They had to be valuable for him to be handling them himself, but I couldn’t see any obvious signs of what made them special. They

Teen Twink Sells Himself to Mature Men

same cross streets, and then sent him the following message, “My name is Danny, but you can call me Danielle. I just turned sixteen, and I would enjoy being your ‘niece’ for the afternoon. I’ve only had one previous experience with another ‘uncle’, and I’m excited to learn more. Your generosity will be expected and appreciated.” My hand was

Legal Briefs, Chapter 2

Her soft kiss and warm embrace had set my cock to swelling, and by now it was about three fourths inflated... more than enough to give her something to feel. A telltale moan and squirm confirmed the fact that she knew what she was doing to me. She ground her pussy down on my cock bulge, rolling it over her pussy lips and getting us both heated

The Engagment Party

back with one hand and groped under her dress for her swollen nipple as he rocked into her. Soon the slaps of his body up against her could be heard in the hallway but no one was there to receive the noise. Christine murmured under her breath many naughty words as she was fucked hard as she could stand. Mr. Dunn moaned and pushed into her over

My first BBC Blowjob

(I still smoked then, yuck!). Dee said he would walk outside, cross the street and go buy something from the store across the street before heading back to see if I was outside smoking with my new friend. If I was, Dee said he would walk down the street a little in the direction I would drive when leaving. So I agreed. Dee finished his drink and

Red Doors Ch. 03

sitting low on my hips it was a pale pink floral design. Up high on my thighs were lace frilly ruffled stockings pale white. As I slipped my feet into my slippers I looked at the complete picture. I was let me see I was a girlie girl woman in pink. Braiding my hair I was seeing the total look I was portraying. Feminine softly demure, womanly


it and be very approved of when you do. And then you might find, at some point very soon…’ Kelleigh realized there had been a pause, and she was staring at his crotch again. ‘Um,’ she said. ‘Yes?’ He was once again smiling and nodding. ‘How does it work, then, what do you do? Do you take out a pocket watch or something?’ He just held her eyes for

Sarah and Ben Ch. 04

was still horny for some more. Too bad that hubby wasn’t there to reap the benefits. He had left her and moved away. I had been working on her to stay and get back into the swing of things, but her mental state was one of on the edge of going down. I backed off when I saw the haunted look in her eyes. I knew that from past experience, she was

The Painter

I said as I drove deep inside her. She laid there speechless as I pounded her pussy with all my strength. I lifted her legs back to her chest and really began to fuck her tight pussy deeper and harder."Yess faster yess fuck me Nikki. Fuck this bitch!" she begged. "Oh god oh god, don't stop Nikki yesss!" she continued to yell as I began to spank

The Futa Fairy - Futa Cop's Wild Wish Chapter 2: Officer Cindy's Public Fun

and her cunt went wild about my dick.I grit my teeth, my futa-cock wanting to unload in her tight, spasming depths. Her pussy sucked at my cock. I shuddered, forcing myself to rip my dick out of her convulsing hole and move it upward.But not to Michelle's cunt.“Officer Cindy!” she squealed as I rammed my cock into her asshole.I shuddered at her

My Uncle

pay me at the end of the summer before I went home so I have enough to keep me going until the next year. It was usually a hefty sum. The summer I want to tell you about is last summer, between my junior and senior year. It was a summer like any other but it is one I’ll never forget…I walked in to see Uncle Kenny hurrying to get to work and

Pussy Worship

animal. Your heart pounds in your ears, your body radiating such heat by the second as your mewls of pleasure gradually evolve into heavy moans. Deep, primitive animal sounds that form in your throat join the orchestra of lust that spills freely from you lips as the pleasure takes hold. I yearn to feel those wild sensations ripple through you.

First time cocksucker

dressed up really sexy & all but he didn’t care to even see my titties. And I was willing to show him too (the first time for me) but he didn’t care, it seemed, that I even had tits. He cared only that he was going to ‘get off’. While we kissed he pushed my hands to his crotch. “Open the belt. Unzip my pants. Pull down my jockeys. Take out my

Sweet Smell of Lust

as her first orgasm came upon her. David began to drive his hips back and forth, while looking down to watch his hard prick slide in and out of the sloppy wet hole below the pale cheeks.It took only a few quick moments for his orgasm to begin, and he flooded his mothers love channel with an abundant amount of seed. While she ground her hips with

Valentina's Shiny New Boots

bags. "Close your eyes, lover. I have a surprise for you." she purred, I obliged. I heard rustling of cardboard and paper as she fondled the box in her lap. I kept my eyes closed, becoming quite interested in this little game of hers. I heard Valentina shuffle carefully past me, and then she instructed me to open my eyes. "What do you think?" she

Feeling My Daughter: Part One

was I to just stand there watching her nakedness run out of the room? A curious one I realized.My daughter, I had to admit, was growing into a very lovely young woman. It was the first time I had ever seen a sixteen year old girl naked and I could not get the picture of seeing Molly out of my head. My daughter's body was beautifully pale, just a

A Brother’s Love Ch. 02

dead. Screaming in pain, Kit had ran…he never stopped running…he kept on and on, until finally he collapsed in some tall grass at a roadside. For two weeks he hid. He didn’t want anyone to find him. He was so scared that if people found him, then Malc would find him too. It was a week later, months for all Kit knew, that he came across a small

The Courier Ch. 27

would be a big deal, in the same way that the Ministry of Justice always conducted a special ceremony for criminals when they were being de-collared and released from their sentences. As they made their way to the Temple of the Ancients, Jason explained that de-collaring with the Church was different. ‘This is a private matter between us, the

Gangbanging my wife

went to town on this man. While one kissed him the other sucked his dick. When one started to fuck him the other shoved her pussy into his face. I whispered to my wife how much I would love for that to happen to us and she smiled and rubbed her pussy against my dick a little. She asked me which woman I liked more and I told her. I asked her

My Sade, The End

that I need and would ever want. Plus, you are a CHILD! I want you off my property right this instant. I will not have a tramp on my land. I don't tolerate this kind of behavior from a child at all,” I sneered and walked away. I stomped into the house and went to the bedroom. Jerking my clothes off, I jumped into the shower. I know it was all in

Anticipation in Red

in your arms, kissing me harder, and then leading me into your bedroom. I stared at the bed; laid out with care was a red baby doll, matching silk panties, black silk stay up stockings and black leather pumps with a 5 inch stiletto heels. Beside the bed, a candle stood on a nightstand; its flame flickered as you approached. I looked into your

How It All Began Ch.08

inside her and satisfied he was spent, she leant forward to kiss him. A deep soulful kiss, a tender knowing kiss at Jack's silent confession; it was a kiss of reassurance. For Jack, his confidence in Fay was complete; they would go to Tanya's villa together and share in a delicious experience. She held her hand to her sex, lifting herself from

Slut week - Day 2 - Student Slut - Part 2

of being so controlled and dominated as he took complete control of me. I soon felt the guy fucking me pull out and leave another load of spunk nestling on my tummy. Buzz pulled out of my mouth and I grabbed for breath. He bent down and kissed me, sliding his tongue deep into my mouth. He then knelt down between my legs, gripped my hips and

Jans Daughter Brooke, episode 9

panty crotch out and up tight against her labia. Her throat began to rattle quietly in the back of her throat. The fabric of her panty, pulled tight agains her cunt began to pleasantly agitate her clitoris. With both hands she pulled and pinched at her labia till it began to moisten. She dipped two fingers into her warm vagina then without losing

Was It A Dream? Ch. 02

between my legs and felt the dampness. I slid a finger the between the fold of my pussy and slowly started stroking my clit. I closed my eyes and murmured softly, "Oooooooh." It was then that I decided I needed to masturbate, but would do it in the living room. The room had large windows, covered with sheer curtains, which added to the

Craigslist Sub

eyes.When he was done, he told me to shower and get the hell out. When I came out of the shower he was dressed again. I rushed to the door. He said "10am tomorrow?" I stopped at the door and nodded yes, then rushed out of there. I stopped at the closest starbucks and went into the bathroom. I had to cum. I rubbed my clit and came super hard in

BBW Surprise

an aging Marriott sorely in need of a facelift. My stomach was a knot of excitement. I checked myself in the rear-view mirror and popped a mint into my mouth. I strode quickly, nervously, into the lobby. It was devoid of customers, and all employee eyes were on me as I entered. I smiled weakly and headed for the potted palm near the doors to the

Annie Goes Skiing

out the door with her boyfriend Jeff. She secretly wondered how badly this woolen head wrap thing was messing with her new hair cut. Annie was a firm believer in that old adage ‘It’s not what you do, it’s how you look doing it’ and once had those very words displayed rather unapologetically on a small plaque in her office. “You’ll look fine

Emma and the Master Part 3

even further apart, almost lifting my bottom off the seat, as his fingers slipped down, seeking my labia, parting them and with his thumbs encouraging my clitoris to engorge and his fingers opening up my vulva, now dripping wet with my lubrication, I swooned into a state of pure submission, no longer watching him play with my body but just

A World-Class Brothel Pt. 03

detail that are unacceptable to us.’ ‘That’s fine and makes sense.’ ‘I’ve actually called the meeting. Do you regard that as an intrusion?’ ‘No, you are the CEO. Act like a CEO and be lovely and I’ll have no problems.’ Billie looked at him closely. ‘But sex between us is not negotiable right?’ ‘For the time being.’ She sucked in breath but gave

Lady Kavanagh Part 2

in wonderland. He couldn’t keep his eyes still, swivelling from her jamambo bazookas to her tempting brown triangular bush. He could wait no longer. This was it. This was ecstasy. Pure fucking ecstasy. The bulge in the groin area of his trousers was more prominent than he had ever known it. What was it, he thought? Was it because a beautiful

a new friend for Carl Grimes Part 2

ut hands and knees right between his legs." Beth barked to connor. He did so and she licked Carl's cock clean and Connors cock clean as well. Connor thought she was done and went to move but she held his hips and said " I didnt say u could move. Stay still!" With that she started eating Connors cream pie straight from his ass! He was moaning in

Christmas Trip with the Cousins

them to make the calls. When they are done, I turn the music loud once again. We pass a few cars that look over at us and waive. Another car has an older couple in it and they look at us with a weird expression on our face. I look into the rearview mirror and see all of my cousins dancing around, smiling, waving at cars and having a good time

How It All Began

but there was too much all at once and a portion of his cum frothed from my lips. When Jack was finished he wiped his cock on my face and hair in his effort to humiliate and degrade me as a show to his friends. When Jack moved away, John and Stew started see-sawing my cunt and ass. This was more than anything I had experienced before. I felt like

A Night to Remember Ch. 01

as she was a garter girl, and a black choker around her sweet neck.You don't care what I was wearing and quite frankly, I don't remember.We sat down, had a few drinks, then, as the band started, I handed her a small gift bag. I told her to take it to the bathroom go into a stall, then open it.She goes to bathroom, steps into a stall, closes the

The Sinn Girls: Chapter 1: Original Sinn

Sinn, of course Miss, glad to do business with a lady of your quality!'The Goon was too fascinated by the view to spot that I had planted a bug on his jacket when she placed the card in his pocket.We were allowed into the room.'Ma'am, I hope I can, oh, oh, be of service,' Monica groaned as the nipple clamps pinched.'I am sure you can my poppet.

How Girls Night Changed My Life

Hoping she would come up with the crazy idea to let me fuck her in the ass. Of course that never happened and I was living in a dream world. I would always try to touch or graze her little hole, during doggy style while her ass was spread open to me or during foreplay when I finger her I would let one finger rub her asshole a little bit. I did

Four F Girl Ch. 02

a decade since I'd even been to a doctor much less a Gynecologist's office so I had no frame of reference here. I decided that I would embrace this as a means to end and hopefully that end would be a possible beginning with William as my Dominant. The doctor caught me by surprise when she seemed to have a thought and then politely excused herself

A Christmas Wish Ch. 01

heard over and over again, Megan was unable to carry full term and in no way should she try to become pregnant, because it might cause her harm. More importantly, the baby would most likely not survive. Megan was crushed to learn that she couldn’t ever become pregnant. All her hopes and dreams of having a family were cut to shreds by the doctor’s

Releasing the beast in her – Part 1

thrust her cunt onto my waiting mouth to make sure I got a mouthful of my cum dripping out of her (which is the part that really turns her on as well as me). I eagerly licked and sucked on her dripping cunt and could taste our mixed juices while my wife proceeded to lick and suck my cum covered cock clean. While I continued to lick and suck her

Angela Briscoe Ch. 02

fabulous.’ Angela, ten years younger, was already aware that the body of her hostess continued to attract admiring glances from both women and men when Annie had been out with Scott and Angela occasionally at weekends. Angela was pleased to be invited to Friday night dinner and to stay the weekend for company for Annie whose husband and two

Office Etiquette

her to the floor.Lori positioned herself onto all fours, her ass facing Maria, who knelt down at her side.Smack! She felt the sting on her ass. She felt like screaming, but instead let out a soft moan.Smack! Harder than the first. But it felt right, like she deserved it.Smack! Smack! Smack! She could barely feel it now, but it was so

Capricorn Part I

to grow in. The older girls seemed so sexy with their big breasts.“Don’t worry, you’ll get yours soon enough. Now let’s get back to listening to what uncle has to say,” she said.“Now girls, you know rule number one. Rule number two, is very similar. Never complain or ask questions to your big sister. When your big sister asks you to do something,


the steam built, surrounding us in a thin fog. It was more than ten minutes before we turned the water off and stepped out to dry each other. The kissing and touching continued all the way to the bed. Fact is we barely made it there before Jennie jumped my bones.Jennie practically threw me onto the bed then slithered up my body until her lips


a new life that I did not believe that I would want when I started on this journey. I was to meet Master at an out of town bar I was told not to drive their but to get a cab, and to dress like the slut that I now was.  I chose a very short PVC skirt, which just covered my pussy, which was shaven smooth, a tiny black lace thong just covered my

Bimbos and Trains Ch. 01

who knows what she’s doing, I thought. A pleasant change, for once. ‘I hope so, Gail,’ I said, as I followed her through the crowd. ‘I seem to have a great deal of trouble getting adequate service from your employees.’ ‘Yes,’ she said, guiding me onto the train. ‘I’ve heard that you’ve had some complaints. Many complaints, actually.’ ‘What’s that

Tropical Island Vacation - Chapter 4

waves rush over and around our feet. The wind blowing in off the ocean occasionally catches the crest of a breaking wave and sprays our naked bodies with a fine, cooling mist, and fills our nostrils with the fresh, briny fragrance of the sea. The sun, the wind, the water, all tease and tickle our exposed skin. The physical sensations we feel add

threesome is awesome

was so well potraid, i was once attracted to him. joe and billy was more matured and bigger in size then sam, maybe that's why i was feeling uncomfortable with them at first but in no time i overcome the situation and agreed to help them to get to their hotel as i know it was not far from my home. We talked for a while about things in and

The Drive

two fingers, moving them around and out then in with three fingers , stretching me, making me ready for you..... you pull your fingers out and bring them to where our lips are together.... I love tasting me on your lips.... you take both hands under my skirt on my hips.... and lower me onto your very hard cock... I move down slowly.. bracing

Red Hawk the Spear Maker(Part 3 The Great Meeting Ground)

breast. I could taste the warm liquid, as her milk leaked through her nipple into my mouth. I continued to suck her tit, drinking her milk, till she pushed me away.“Save some for the baby.” She gasped at me.I moved down to her pussy and started to lick her outer lips. She readjusted herself so she could suck on my cock. Sparrow just love to

The Nudist Father

started. I blamed my parents. They never made things comfortable enough to talk. Ugh! I didn’t want to think about my mother right now. I shook my head. And then it happened – we opened the conversation to sex. “…I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. Well, perhaps you do. Are you a full lesbian or are you bi-sexual?” he asked. I wasn’t a

Passionate Nights with the Prince Ch. 02

and said, "Did I not warn you about disobeying me? You shall learn the hard way for being naughty. I can see tonight that you have been very naughty. Do you agree that you have been naughty?""I did not want to disobey you, sire. I really did not want to. Please believe me. Sire, mercy.""Silence! You did what I have told you not to do. Did you

The Adventures of Maid Marion Pt2

and swirling her tongue around it as best she could.      Anna's mouth was still open aghast as she watched her lady suck and slurp upon this outlaws cock like some common doxy. She was so fixated she didn't notice the man that had come up to her till her stepped in front of her his hard cock in hand the end glistening with pre cum before she

Dirty Tricks Chapter7

to process. Yes, Bob Anderson, that’s right her husband. Yes, it’s all on film, assuming nothing went wrong. Now you’re sure you can do what I want?" The anxiety she felt was audible, and she rolled her head on her shoulders trying to relieve the tension while she listened. When the caller finished speaking, Alexa's smile grew bigger.  "Good,

I Do Mind Pt. 01

than he was, and she would not allow him the satisfaction of an alert body. She opened her eyes and turned her head to watch him. He lulled his head to face her left nipple. ‘Everything in its own time,’ he whispered again to his target. With merely his breath and leaving her completely untouched, he began to see the signs of her arousal. He

Sexual Awakenings (Chapter Fifteen)

hers, the echoes of wetness being explored from her dripping pussy as I penetrated inside of her.My breathing grew heavier, as I began to pick up speed. Fucking her. My cock forcing itself inside, sliding against the inner silky folds of her inner labia and wet flesh. My balls slapping against her ass below, as I fucked her for the first time. I

The Plumber’s Daughter Ch. 02

because your ex-husband preferred it that way, right?’ ‘Yes, it was blonde for him and long for me.’ ‘Your father didn’t approve of the change in color, did he, Marie? As a matter of fact, I bet your Dad didn’t think much of your ex right from the beginning but kept his mouth shut for you and your mother’s sake. My intuition tells me that the

My Best Friends Birthday Present

in a tragic accident. They both died in a truck accident out on the bypass. It spun out of control, and unfortunately I just had my best friend to go to. I must have cried for about four days straight after their funerals. My best friend Adam was there for me in through thick and thin. He stayed with me every minute I was feeling horrible. He

Whispers in the Dark

more you part them. I hear you gasp as I continue going further and further up your thigh, you throw your head back as I continue biting and kissing your neck. I kiss my way back up to your lips, and you grab my head, throwing your lips on mine, pressing your tongue into my mouth, my hand makes its way back down your thigh towards your knee, and

Rock n Roll

me to go all the way with him, but if Marcus wanted me, I was going to let him. The show ended and Marcus handed me a card key and said to meet him at the hotel across the street in room 340. He didn't have a lot of time, because the bus was leaving an hour later. I left immediately and got to his room as fast as I could. The room smelled

introducing carrie

couch with us. I am leaning against Carrie and Jake is next to me – I start to rub his sheath gently. In just a minute the red tip of his cock starts to come out – Carrie is staring right at it. I ask if she wasnts to touch him, but remind her to do it gently – she has never touched a dog’s penis before. She reaches and puts a finger on his cock

The Ranch – Chapter 2

to spend a couple of weeks just being free in Toronto, but by the end of my first day I had done everything that I wanted to do, seen everyone I wanted to see and I was just too excited by this new possibility that I called the lawyer and asked if I could change my departure date to the next day. She laughed and agreed. She told me to be in front

Blood Lust Part Two

ago.  Now I know to most, this is not what you were expecting the life of vampire to be. I know that the imagination conjures up portraits of coffins and bats, and any measure of other gothic images. But truth be told, my life is most likely no different from many of you. What most humans know about vampires is mostly Hollywood smoke and mirrors.

Vicky Bound for Vacation Part 2

lips spread and my cock easily up her channel. Ashley's hands, mouth and tongue were everywhere. As I slid in and out of Vicky, Ashley's tongue slid along my shaft catching Vicky's juices. Occasionally, her tongue would slide into Vicky's pussy with my hard shaft. Her hands continued to kneed and pinch Vicky's breasts. Every few seconds I'd hear

Kate, Catherine and more Big Black Cocks than you can Imagine! Chapter 3

little reluctance to either gorge herself on this incredible clit and give her more pleasure and sexual relief or just bury her face in her slit and suck as much cum as she could out of Catherine's wet and wide open slit! As Kate's lips closed over her friends clit Catherine incurs another shuddering orgasm! The noise of wet slurping and sucking

The Mover Ch. 03

cleaning the kitchen and bumped into the edge of the table. Really, it’s nothing.’ ‘Don’t be so sure, Penny Collins-Lynch. Trust me, some bruises are hematomas that can be life threatening. Let me take a look.’ Before I could object, Mike was gently holding my arm. He held my elbow with his right hand and ran his fingers softly over the bruises

The Barbie Lez Fantasies – Week 57: Pounded at the Pound (Part 4)

felt yet another fantasy growing within me. In mere seconds, I had been swallowed up by the fantasy and I was leaving the real world behind. As soon as I had entered the sexual daydream, I headed toward the door and threw it open. Two of the four dogs within were scared off and escaped the cage, leaving only my two studly lovers behind. Entering

Suited n Booted

slow fucking me,string after string all hot and sticky,huge globs of man juice cumming from me,felt like I was shooting my fucking spine out,but he kept me like that,back arched and my butt slow fucked as my cum subsided, he grunted once,pulled me back hard,so that my back was really arched and my head pulled to the side,then he slammed his cock

Let the Best Man Win

her clit and getting her off, she had felt his hard cock searching for her and she pressed her ass back giving consent. As he started fucking her, he made soft little ‘Uh!’ sounds with each thrust and his hand moved under her t-shirt to squeeze her tit. She opened her eyes when she heard the unmistakable sound of fapping. Jeff’s best friend Ron

Nothing Gets Through Ch. 02

the PR department, which had forced them into a photo shoot along with Karl's defense partner Bobby. Too bad Bobby isn't here, Dom thought. This guy would probably piss himself. Lani didn't know who these guys were, but the tall one had a devilish grin and a glint in his blue eyes that she couldn't resist. The shorter—but by no means short—one

Camping with My Girls Ch 3-4

her hips back so that her clit would rub against the shaft of my cock when she was in the right position. She was becoming increasingly aware of her sexuality, and put it to use to heighten her pleasure. She broke off the kiss as the intensity of the feelings built, and sat up, a look of animal lust on her face. Her eyes were closed, and she

An Apocalypse Rising Ch. 06

and Misha in turn, rending them from the inside in a wave of healing magic turned inside out, leaving each where they crumpled. It was all over in a matter of seconds. Neral looked up to see Deres looking down at her. He couldn’t hide his concern from her though he used humor to try. ‘You couldn’t duck? Need another scar for me to kiss so badly,

Anal Teen Folly

in, my finger went all the way in, up to my knuckle, then I pulled it out a little then pumped it back in. My finger swirled around the new orifice and I found my dick was as hard as a rock just from feeling the tightness of her around my finger. I needed to stretch her in preparation for my large, hard member. I wet my next finger and she let

Clean but Crude Ch. 05

find out if Beth can prepare food, too. I inserted my key into the door lock and turned it quickly. I pushed open the door and entered the alarm system code to keep the alarm from sounding. I turned around and glanced down the foyer to the living room, half expecting to see Beth on the sofa reading a magazine. I walked to the living room, looking

Screwing Private Ryan

I would die for sure. I had gotten less than three hours shut-eye, and I floated between sleep and consciousness as we flew toward our drop zone. I had done night drops in the English countryside over the last month, but this was the real deal, behind enemy lines. Few of us in the 101 st Airborne had experienced combat yet. That would change

A Choice, in Theory

the one who wanted more. Who locked me up. You deserve whatever you get. But Jerome was treating her so roughly. He would have done anything to ease her pain-well, maybe not anything. But close to it."Shh," Brett said, "It's okay, hun, breathe in and out. It will be okay. I'm so sorry."It wasn't even clear Jeanine heard Brett—she was in her own

Exploring Adam 4

when we could call it a night and go to bed. There was an unspoken agreement there. Bedtime would be the next act in our drama, and it was important not to rush it. We had just spent an extended intermission teasing each other... what came next would be far more urgent and ardent and explosive. This we both knew without saying it.When we finally

Mommy's Love Denied 4

bro!" Justin said very excited. "Yeah hurry up! Plug it in and put it on!" Josh said. "I wanna see some mommy rump!" Andrew said drooling. "OK, ok calm down," Ryan began, "We are going to start of with the funny and gross version ok. The one we plan to show the entire school."What were they talking about? "OK start with that one. We don't care

There Can Be Only One (Part 23)

in his mouth.“ Don’t you think she has a nice pair of tits mum?”. Ross smiled as he looked directly into his mothers shocked face.“ Ro, “. his mother was lost for words, whilst Susie just looked stunned as she stared directly at her mother.“ See, mum likes them as well, “Susie’s eyes were like a pair of clacking metal balls, bouncing from Ross’s

Alone in My Bed

I know what I have to do.I lock my door...and strip naked. I want you so much I'm shaking all over...anticipating...needing...hurting. I lay down on my bed...imagining you there...watching me...smiling...gazing deep into my eyes. I gasp..."I want you to watch me baby. Watch me while I show you what you do to you make me you

Detours (Part 2 of 3)

thumped to the floor, socks were bundled aside, and her jeans were pulled off like a banana peel. Then suddenly she was naked, her bare body exposed to the wanton gaze of Collin seated between her legs. Instinctively, her arms drew up across her breasts, given a moment to recover as he took his time to pull his jeans and shorts off as quickly as

Naughty Girl Gets Punished

I run into my crush. He seems as pleased to see me, as I am to see him. He asks me what I’m doing, I inform him and he tells me he’ll be my guide. I couldn’t be happier. He shows me where all the kids from school hangout, what places to avoid, and eventually we end up in front of the theatre. He asks me if I want to see a film, I can’t say no. I

A Surprise for my Man

finally lower back down across your mouth, flicking my tongue along yours, before lowering my head to your collar bone, kissing along your shoulder. I can feel your hands, gripping my ass tight and pushing me on and off your cock, making me ride you hard. I can feel your grunts as you control the speed of my pussy milking your cock. I feel your

From Lonely Housewife to Perverted Slut Chapter 19 Re-Posted

wife that's for sure. I have noticed since she has given birth to our eldest son now three and now our new born she never sleeps through the night and often wakes up. I can think of an excuse to leave but sure could never think up a good enough excuse for gang banging our hot next door neighbors hot wife.”“It's a nice warm night and the back


girl and I was not expecting this change in me. My in-laws were very happy when I have touched their feet. I could notice a lot of love for me in eyes of my in-laws like my own parents. After this, we all went to nearby hotel for lunch and from where we returned to our home. I would like to clear here that I returned with my parents as it was pre

I Dont Want The World I Want You! Part 5 – Conclusion.

other end of the phone line. How Harry would have been sat there unconscious in the ruined car as the phone rang pointlessly on the seat next to him. He tried to hide his emotion but it was no use. He stood up and ran out of the room with his head in his hands, crying his heart out.Harry watched as the man he loved disappeared through the

the sisters part 1

front of the camera. After few hours of modeling and photo shooting, Marcus decided it was enough for the day. He got both twins to come over to him and said: “That’s enough girls, now I and going to taste you girls. As for you Ryan you can either watch or join in.”He kissed Lisa and used his hands to feel Lindsey in her bikini outfit. He then

High School Again? Ugh! Ch. 09

like I could cure myself even if I did understand it. Besides, I’m not sure I’d want to. After all, what good would it do me while I was still in Hera’s clutches? I was better off remaining the way I was. This was my reality now. Sure, I was a mix of pain and despair, but there was also a pureness of hatred for Hera that somehow gave me strength,

An Old Friend

seductive by using dark eye shadow. Her best features for me though are her long sexy legs. I like to encourage her to show them off more by wearing short skirts and dresses along with high heels. The tight fitting clothes she sometimes chooses also compliment her ass beautifully. To me, she truly is one of a kind and I consider myself lucky to

My Seven Deadly Sins

pushing beyond what you dared to imagine.IV. LustI crave the nourishment of your body, the food that sustains my own withered self. I am man; it is my instinct to subjugate, to dominate. I make no promise of love; we are animals following our impulses. My blood pulsates as I straddle you, my prey, and I will devour your body, feast on every

Punishment And Reward

toy you’ve had up that greedy ass of yours, slut?" She was standing so close to him and his face was level with her bare pussy, his eyes riveted to it. "Usually about 7 inches, miss. I've had 9 inches once miss but that hurt too much," he answered as he licked his lips, the scent of her cunt making his mouth water. "Well in that case you're

The Courier Ch. 03

them to the airport official. ‘Inspector, have you formerly arrested the Colombian citizen Maria Elena Rodriguez-Torres?’ ‘No, Spokeswoman, we haven’t. We figured that it would be proper for you to be present during her arrest and the assigning of her criminal number. So we chose to wait for you to come.’ Bullshit, thought Kim to herself. You

A Garden Encounter

was here with me. Not many people come here, that I have noticed anyhow. But then it seems I become so absorbed in the surroundings, I don’t notice the people moving about within it.” She was still blushing, trying desperately not to get lost back in that gaze again. She had felt the surge of desire when he had steadied her earlier. Instantly her

Seduced on the farm

you will be inside me. And, I am on the pill, so cum away tonight Baby.”Once back at the house, I went and cleaned up, while Jackie was cooking dinner. Alli also went and showered, then helped her mom. When I came into the kitchen, I could hear the two women giggling. About what, I had no idea.During dinner, not much was said, but Jackie kept

Workout Partners are the Best

my name. She had a nice handshake with soft hands. “You need a spotter for anything else today?” “No thanks. That was the last one for today. Must be why it was a little rough,” I told her with a smile. “Too bad, I don’t really know anyone here. I just switched from Bodyworks across town because this is way closer to my new place. I was gonna

Fox & Fireman

the fire?’ ‘Fire is a bizarre element, you’d be surprised at the things I’ve seen come through fire unscathed.’ A look of sadness colored his face, haunted by past memories of firefighting maybe. ‘Usually fire takes more than it spares.’ ‘Thank you, that was so sweet of you,’ she said, standing on tiptoe to kiss him on the cheek. ‘It’s what I do,

Sam 16

Sam sunk to the deck, his mouth open though nothing was coming out."What?" Sam said aloud. "I can't understand you! What are you trying to tell me?" This time Sam had tears in his eyes as he also heard a female voice far more beautiful than any he'd ever heard in his life. "Please! Help me to understand!"Shaking his head Sam was concentrating as

My First Gangbang

now single. He had an average build and I soon found out he was six nches uncut. He was also the only one in the room with pubic hair. Meddy was very complimentary to me. He seemed to be very excited and nervous. This nervousness faded when we started.Mark figured out who I was from a website and knew my man from his previous marriage

Big Cock Lover

ridge between the two. I chuckled to my self it’s going to be like a speed bump going in and out of my pussy. I could clearly see several large bulging blood vessels running the length of his shaft. Jeff your cock is magnificent, it’s the most beautiful thing I have ever soon. I immediately began licking his balls and ran my tongue along the

Island Fever 4: Paradise - Chapter 05

adefinite strain on not only my body, but my senses as well.I am only one man, of course, but they expect me to performsexually and do my best to satisfy them 24 hours per day. My back was so stiff and sore that I could barely movefor 10 or 15 minutes when I woke up this morning. Kristannaand Devon, then Pamela and Amy really did a number on

No Longer Home Alone With Alyssa,part 1

relationship they had to be quiet so their parents wouldn't hear them having sex, now alone in their apartment they can make as much noise as they want not caring if their neighbors hear their passion. As Brad makes love to his stepsister, memories of the night her mother caught them in a moment of heated passion come to mind. Alyssa had slipped

Witches Brew Coffe shop

grabbed his cock in vice that sent him over the edge as he felt that strap on massage his erupting cock thru that thin wall of flesh between the woman’s pussy and ass. She rested against his chest breathing heavily when he felt his wrist being released. The dark hair woman looked at him and asked, “How would you like to rate our service

Sex Stories Chapter 2:Near miss 2 with Jackie back seat Diana grandma car

and pulled out my rock hard cock and took ahold of her hand and slide it down over my rock hard cock. She pull up to blankets just enough to see my cock for herself.She Start rub her hand up and down the shift of my rock hard cock over and over and damn it felt good especially when took ahold of my balls in her hand and gently roll them in her

Fuck Whore

cock rubbing against the inside of my blood-swollen birth canal and my enlarged pussy lips, with my steroid enlarged clit stroking his cock as he enters me repeatedly.The pressure of his strokes force my cum juice to dribble down between my bum cheeks to mingle with his cum leaking from my arse and soaking the sheets. My finger redirects itself


a hand down over your belly, reaching for the fork of your thighs. Your legs parted to facilitate my access to your pussy. My fingers found your crease, probed and entered your wet warmth. Suckling your nipples ever more strongly, my fingers played in your crease, titillating your hardening clitoris until your hips began to move, rising to meet

Dirty Weekend. Part Three.

across the walls of her sex. "Finger me harder Mark, make me cum."He did as instructed. He plunged three fingers into her. She arched her back to raise her pussy to him. He nibbled and sucked her clit harder now. Tasting her juices which had began to flow. He could hear her wetness as he pulled out of her. Travelling back up her body, he gave her

Vivianne another meeting

comes up next. I got her a saturday Before noon. But she was busy that day. But if I wanted to meet her She told me That I could pick her up outside the Place she visited and drive her home taht evening. We decided taht I was about to pick her up around seven a Clock.I came with the car and did not see her outside were we decided meet up so I

Fetishes’: Choker Ch. 01

popped free eagerly waiting far their lovers caress. Calvin stood reduced to only about 10% sure this was a hoax and pretty sure he no longer cared. Running her hands across her breasts Christy offered them up to Calvin before breaking eye contact to stare at his crotch. ‘See Calvin I do whatever you want. I want you to want me. And I can see

My Own Heaven Ch. 27

like that. His side of the bed was still warm and I moved over to lie in the spot where I could still see the impression of his body in the sheets. I could smell his after shave and his deodorant, and it made me miss his warm body resting hard up against me.I looked out of the window and I could see the sun going down, almost lost behind the

His Kitten Again 05

when I say that if you play your cards right, everything is going to be okay."That was the last thing I could get out of him regarding Alex. I felt awful over spending the last part of our date thinking about another man, but I couldn't help myself. My heart was with Alex, not his best friend. I just hoped that Alex would end up feeling the same

Virtual Slavery Ch. 14

any new pictures of her. That was far beyond our sex life, which consisted of my turning her sleeping body on its side in the mornings on those weekends she was home and sticking my cock in her unresponsive cunt for a few insipid minutes while I fantasized about someone else far away and long ago. I found myself thinking that perhaps this is all

Voluptus Ludum

on your activities prior to the match.” The goddess's voice held a bit of humour in it, which made Emily smile a little.“I guess I should thank you then, because it was one of the greatest experiences of my life.”“You are most welcome Miss Ralia. I must go now, unfortunately a goddess is rather busy.” With that the voice was gone.With her query

Free Universal Carnal Knowledge Pt. 04

happy but slightly confused. For a moment I feared she would see me at the window but I realised that with the sun on the glass it would be impossible to see anything in the shade of the bedroom. After a few moments she shrugged, smiled in a dreamy sort of way, shook her head and lay back on the lounger to soak up some more rays. I backed

Katie's Stranger Danger Lesson

me next time, in fact I'll insist that you do, understand?" I grinned wolfishly. Katie smiled and nodded in agreement.After Katie had straightened herself up I made sure she was delivered safely to the bottom of her street, giving me a lingering kiss she slid out of the passenger seat.Leaning through the window she asked quietly "You'll be back

Like Mother, Like Daughter

he hit Jesse's bedroom he had lost his shoes and jockey shorts. Except for his socks, Stash was buck ass bare when Jesse pushed him sprawling onto her bed and crawled between his legs. The blow job Jesse had so carefully planed was indeed special, but as horny as they both were, it didn't last very long. By a little past 4:35 p.m. Jesse had

Family movie night to an amazing insects night

gulp.As the lights turned off again, and the second movie resumed, I took another glance at my wife, who caught my eye and smiled at me. I smiled back as I pushed my hips upward into my daughter. I then started to touch my wife breast she was just laid beside the couch and I can feel she was getting horny but then I focused on my daughter and

Between a Rock and Hard Place

begged."Commitment," James sneered. "Show us you can do the job and everything will work out just fine."Dee gritted her teeth as David added a second finger, while James reached over and used his fingers to tease the girl's aching clit.Dee's stomach was clenching as she struggled to take the cock into her ass, but the two men were determined she

Men of Two Worlds Part 4

clothing was offered to the spirits North, South, East and West. Then brought to the Tepees where they were dressing. The head dressing was the last. The Medicine Man blessed the opening of the Tepees.The drums which had been echoing the Medicine Man's movement. Suddenly... the sound ceased... The Flap on the Tepees opened. Running Wolf stepped

Sophia Continued Pt. 01

scared to say anything in case they hurt the other’ Megan continued ‘honestly at times I feel like telling Maria to drag Dad into her bedroom and keep him there for a couple of days until he gets the idea’. ‘I wonder who this girl is and what she has done with my Megan. Who has she been talking to to get these ideas? Not exactly what you expect

The Married Mans Reprieve

look better for her cheating husband. I thought she looked good before then, and that some of the weight loss was from stress, because she did look unhappy and haggard for a while. But she was down two dress sizes and feeling better. She had inspired me to lose a few inches off my waistline and it was good to see the spare tire almost gone. I

Rhythm and the Blue Line Ch 38

you can. Worried about you. She felt a little better for having sent the message; this way he would know she knew what had happened, but he could reply whenever he had a chance. The game resumed but Ryan did not have the heart to watch it. "I'm going back to the hotel, guys." "Want me to come with you?" Lara asked. "No, it's okay. I just can't

The Curious Adventures of Miguel and Antonio

back with a few towels – he placed them on the couch, took off his shirt, and sat down. He had the torso of a young Adonis – sun-kissed skin tautly drawn over a boyish-set of pecs and abs, adorned by two brown, gumdrop nipples. I followed suit, removing my shirt, revealing my body, which I sort of found embarrassing – given my bit of flab, and

Summer Nights

to get caught checking her out. In my mind, I noticed she had an athletic build, about 5’ 4” tall, and probably had large B or possibly C cup breasts. In any case, she was a classically attractive blonde woman. It was about this time I notice I was getting a little uncomfortable and could use a little time to relax. I adjourned to the shower to

The New Desks

at the bottom of her slit. She had been excited and was dripping cum.I automatically reached down to adjust the growing erection in my pants.Victoria said, “I see that we have similar problems.”Just then the delivery guy arrived with our deli order. We pretty much ate in silence with me staring at her panty-covered pussy.After we ate, Victoria

Best Beach Day

and walked back to his chair and started packing up. You turned to me and at the same time we both said "I Love You" at the same time. You said lets go. We quickly gathered our stuff. I asked if you wanted to jump in the water or shower off and you said no, let's just go. I said are you going to get dressed, and you said i'll get dressed later.

She Heard a Hot Little Secret

strayed from the straight and narrow, especially on business trips. This wasn’t something she regarded as a problem. Em had her own adventures. Ambrose knew that too and it wasn’t a problem either. Tonight though, Em decided to indulge Ambrose’s evident desire to confess. She did that herself sometimes, usually over a quiet dinner at home. As a

Tomboy named Sue

it went in further in this position, because I it felt bottomed out. Here’s where her athletic ability and leg muscles made for the best girl-on-top I ever had. Hey, all you have to do is lay there and stay hard. Then, she had another orgasm and I came. Being I was 17, I stayed hard, and after a rest, we went at it again. Both of us had another

The mature brother and sister

it that way. I put my hands on his head as he licked my pussy mercilessly up and down and side to side. “Wow Brett, you know how to make a woman feel good, I mean really good,” I said. “I think you like the incestuous sex sis,” Brett replied. “Did I say you could stop?” I asked. Then he laughed and put his face back in my pussy. I put my hands on

The Connecting Door

time you took off your shirt until you got out of bed to close the drapes.""I'm sorry you saw that.""Why? I'm not. We all have a sexual nature and it's way too harmful to try hide it than to just let it hang out there and be yourself.""I guess you're right, but I've never done that except in private before.""You mean you've never had a girlfriend

Unexpected Visitor Part Two

his best to help. We both worked very hard and by the time we got home, a hot shower (separately unfortunately) and a few cold beers before dinner was just what the doctor ordered. Once again, we both slept very well that night.This was the pattern for the next few days until on Friday night after dinner Brett asked me straight out if he

my daddy

arms untill the morning, when i woke up i leaned down and started to give him a blow job worthy of the greek gods. he started to moan and pump him self up and down in my mouth. when i took it out i grabbed his hand and brought him into the bathroom to take a shower with my. i turned the water on and got in. he fallowed and started to rub my ass

A Rainy Night in Paris Ch. 06

alive under her hands and already oozing in anticipation and inviting her to take a taste. She was drawn to it, her lips closing over the tip, sucking the head into her mouth, her hands pushing his pants down before returning to cup his balls, slowly squeezing them and stroking his shaft as she sucked and licked him. She could feel him swell


hot. My tits are nice and round and firm, and Ive been playing with my nipples. Theyre getting hard like diamonds, just as you like them, Baby! I put a little lotion on them so theyre nice and soft, ready for you to suck them. Wow! Youre making me hard, Woman! How is your pussy? Is it soft and warm and moist? Should I check it for you? Patricia

Dark Ch. 00

a slight headache as well. Is all this normal?’ She checks my chart, and glances briefly at me before putting it away. ‘Yes, you will be fine after you rest.’ she assures me. ‘What about my sister? They took her over there.’ I point to where I had seen them take Brighde. ‘I will go see her next.’ she says. ‘I am Caelan.’ ‘Lasair.’ I say, and

Karen Black Ch. 02

face. Her lips touched mine. She was still tentative at first, but her response increased. Finally our lips parted and her forehead touched mine. She let out what little breath she had left. ‘I asked for a day, and you gave me that without judging me. You showed me I judged you, and for that, I can only apologize. If you don’t mind, I would like

Infidelity Gets Out of Hand

and were just unimpressive. This is a very busy, very high stress law firm and I wasn't sure they could cut it. The fourth woman was very qualified and very young and hot. I was tempted to hire her for all the obvious reasons but I am a married man and this was a person I was going to be spending a lot of time with including trips, late nights

Unknown Beginnings

of the Greenwood forest, and in my opinion, once the wind from the Greenwood Forest blankets the town, there is nothing that can save you from its grasp reaching the vary marrow of your bones. I would usually curl up beside my husband on nights like these; we would sit by the fire and talk about his work as a blacksmith and what new and

Substitute Wives

Brian said hopefully.I stopped sucking, “Just warn me before you blow. I don’t want to choke before I swallow it.”“Really? Lauren lets me cum in her mouth.”I continued to suck and stroke him. Brian’s breathing started to increase and get heavy. “Oh fuck, get ready you’re about to make me explode.”Brian grunted filling my mouth with his cum. As

Self-bondage and the cleaner.

on teasing me on the lowest setting. Ah well, I could wait. For a while anyway. It was not too long actually before I heard footsteps coming up the stairs again.A knock came on the bedroom door. "Come in," I called, expecting to see the sexy teenager again.Instead, it was my cleaner, Pam, a very attractive forty-two-year-old brunette, who had

The Conquerer Frog

of its wide mouth. I’d never seen anything that looked so absolutely dead. It really did look like it had come from a witch’s cupboard. There was a garbage can right there outside the bar, chained to a streetlight, and I could have thrown it away, but the whole thing was just so weird, I couldn’t. I figured it might be good for a laugh later, or

Convention Sex With Kelly

sandals. Nails (top and bottom) were fuck-me red. Her hair those days was blond, straight, and hung to her shoulder blades. She also wore a beautiful and ornate necklace that hung in her cleavage.The necklace was an old trick of Kelly’s that she has used countless times. If you hang a beautiful necklace between your huge tits pretty much anyone

The Sebastian Files: Gary

always liked me. Where did that come from? She's never liked me.SEBASTIAN: Feelings for siblings can be expressed in confusing ways. How did you respond to her?GARY: I kicked her out of my apartment. Told her she was crazy. Didn't even want to think about it.SEBASTIAN: But you thought about it.GARY: Couldn't stop thinking about it.SEBASTIAN: You

Turning Point

alright that was sure I would give her enough cum to shre with the others and I could go another round later.While Mary was talking to me Alma had moved, placing her legs on either side of my head and was using her hands to pull her puss lips open. She told me, lick this hit hole you nasty boy you and you had better do good or I will fart in

The Journey

the past three years, and his friend. He was a tall man, lanky, well-proportioned. His hair was bleached blond from long exposure to the harsh sun, and his skin a burnished copper. He locked eyes with Val, and it was obvious that he was studying his student. He knew that Val was ready for almost any journey he could have chosen. A solitary raid

Control Ch. 04

open. SUCK IT!!.... he commanded.His cock was completely coated in her cum, it was so thick it looked like his cock had been dipped in a vanilla milk shake, and it was dripping off. But she had to do as her master ordered, and either way she wanted his cock in her mouth, she opened her lips and stuck out her tongue, and began to lick until it was

A Welfare Fuck.

I didn’t quite understand; hold on, why?Then he shot his load and it all made sense.“Oh shit, oh, oh!”His cum shot into my pussy with such a force I felt it. Like a jet spray hitting me. I lifted my head a little and when I looked down at my pussy I saw cum squirting out from inside.He shot at least five loads before he finally pulled out and

Ally and Caleb

move into a house together. Ally's dad finally let her after I had to show him how good I was for her. Her father made me do a lot of things, like, I had to be able to buy a car, have a reasonable job, and more importantly now, buy a house-in which case I did.Now that we have this house, a two bedroom, one bathroom, single family home, we needed

Devilish Games Ch. 02

as she felt his mouth instantly taking over her button. She let out a loud moan with the first suckle, arching her back as she felt his touch. His hands held her trembling legs open as he slowly licked and flicked at her sensitive area, making her hole leak, covering his chin. She pulls at her own hair, his slow pace torture to her."F-fuck... oh

Finally Eighteen Part II

I had started to research ways to induce labor, and found sex could. That was perfect. Our sex life had always been good, but being pregnant, I couldn't get enough. The simplest touch made me crave sex.John came home from work, I knew he'd be off for a few days. I told him what my research uncovered, and he too liked the sound of that. "I could

Working late again

the kiss, but didn’t open my mouth. The elevator stopped and the door opened on the third floor. I pulled away, stepped out and walked to my cubicle at the end of the hall, both guys right behind me. I moved my chair to the window. I turned to face the men, reached behind my back and unhooked my bra. I slid it off and flung it toward the two men.

Kim Blackmailed part 4

ok so send?Kim: No mistress, ok I will take the balls in my wet pussy and not take them out before you tell me to (she says I bit loud)Bonnie: just what I wanted to hear, and the part with “wet pussy” hmm, so you like this? One way to find out. Turn around and bend over with spread legs. Kim does as she is told and suddenly feels a cold hand on

Bradyn, My Best Friend.

me when I needed to be. I invited him over one night during the summer to spend the night for about a week because my parents were going out of town and I hate being home alone. Bradyn lives right beside me, so no big deal.I’m sixteen now and Bradyn just turned seventeen a month ago.I was fixing my hair when Bradyn walked into my room in light


cigarette in her mouth, she picked up a bottle of baby oil, poured some in her palm, and rubbed it on my cock. As nice as her hand felt, the cigarette smoke was keeping me from getting too aroused. She fondled my cock while she smoked. After she finished the cigarette, I got a lot more aroused. She slowed down her stroke, keeping me on the edge

At Age 64 Chapter 3

I told him I would like.We had consumed about 3 beers each and were still sitting there nude so I reached over and took John’s cock in my hand and leaned forward and sucked him into my mouth. I couldn’t help myself as I have an oral fixation and love sucking a cock or sucking a pussy, since there was only a cock available I settled for it. It

The wedding receptions after fun

first wedding I had been to so I didn’t really know what to expect or what was expected of me. Kevin, my future brother in law, and I had played football together for the last year so I knew him socially as well as being my sister’s boyfriend. What I didn’t know was that he had three sisters, two were twins and a younger sister. All of them older

Impregnating Sarah — Part 9

but yes, I was surprised by the amount of his cum. And I did like having sex with Charlie and Mark because after a little while, I just felt like I was having sex for the pleasure of sex, you know? I mean when youre married, you often have sex not because you really want to, but because your husband wants it. And while I love Jim, sometimes our


heaved with desperate intakes. Vita took his daughter by the golden globes of her flank, and lifted her easily from the bed. She fell spinelessly against him, her pelvis tilting forward, her legs dragging out from beneath her, and flopping uselessly before her. I could see the extent of her ruination, and my eyes followed a dribble of lust that

Flambeaux & Staug Ch. 04

shut it, exiting the room and continuing through the hallway. The second room was an office, with an expensive looking oak desk in the middle of the room with an empty chair behind it. Backing out of that room, he read the sign on the door at the end of the hall. ‘Utility closet,’ Nick muttered. He opened it and a corpse adorned in a three piece

What Was Missing: Submission

passed across her lips. Her back arched ever so slightly as she felt Brandon’s tongue softly glide across her rosebud. Brandon quickly noticed Claudia’s response and started from the top of her pussy again. This time he let his tongue linger a little longer on her rosebud. Claudia’s body trembled and her back arched more towards him. Her reaction

Sexual Aerial Acrobatics

the tiger act was still finishing up its performance, and then would be the clowns, the three acrobats had about eight more minutes to wait before the bright spot lights would allow the 3500 spectators to view their feats of astounding aerial acrobatics.   It was the first show of the evening and tension was running high for John, his wife

My Life Part 5 A

the new Varsity Quarterback" Said Alexis"isnt he a freshman" one of them said"well the fresher the better i always say" i saidThey all giggled.As the bell rang i Kissed her goodbye. I ran to homeroom. sat next to my sister."where did you go this morning"she asked."Alexis Picked Me up" i replied "Oh" she said"yeah""did you see mom make breakfast"

Sara’s Journey Ch. 08

in preparation for the session. Before he started me on the treadmill, he had me do my stretch routine to warm up. If it hadn’t been right in the middle of a busy morning, I think I would’ve jumped Rico’s bones right then and there. Keeping with his professional aplomb, he put me on the tread mill for about fifteen minutes then had me go through

Fantasy Vacation Chapter 22

  “And I think maybe we should all get dressed before we get out onto the main part of the lake.” Mike yelled out as he hoisted the anchor and secured it. “I don’t think we should be advertising our activities, agreed?   Making their way back to the dock Mike and Terri sat together like two lovebirds while Ed, Lori

Sexy Fun With The Landscapers And Pool Guy

a few times a week after school. On those days she'll take the late bus home. I have a very insatiable sexual appetite. I absolutely love sex. I love my husband, but I really love to have hard pounding, sweaty sex with young studs. I’ll look for men who like to have sex. I mean, who is going to turn down a woman that likes to fuck? I’m a very

Dear heart…

her body. the heat of the shower is still on her skin, my girl’s pink and glowing. she’s watching me, enjoying me coming to her. we’re both smiling. there’s a hint of my favorite scent mingling with the steam of the shower. ‘you smell really nice and look delicious,’ i say, meaning every word. ‘miss me?’ ‘what took you so long,’ she asks

Breaking In Elizabeth

head to the left I see my good friend Michelle. We had car pooled to the track earlier that morning with her husband and a few other friends. In amongst the hustle and bustle of the keen racing enthusiasts we had managed to find a tall round bar table and some stools to stand at for the day, somewhere to place our drinks, girls to put their

The Fallen Cross Ch. 01

of something in the darkness. A ringing shriek pounded in my ears as the pictures in my mind was fading into reality. Between the pounding in my head and the ringing in my ears, a giggle shot out, where I was. Its high pitched, sadistic sound penetrated my ears, filling my mind with the sound of terror. As my senses came to, I decided to try and

Finishing School - Ladies Day Out

his bath and wash him.""Whatever did you say when a strange man asked to strip naked and get into his bath?""I thought, this is better than a spanking Sir." She was deadly serious."Carry on." Mr. Jones adjusted his cock under the table as it stiffened."Well Sir, I did as I was told, I did his back, his chest, Sir, it was hot water, bubbles and

Bullied (Part 1)

fuck Jason seriously! What the fuck? Haha you lied to me thinking Idont know where your friend lives. Dumb bitch. Im actually offended. Hes says sarcastically Please… Just leave me alone… Please Im having a shitty day and I just wanted to be alone. He just looked at me as I shook. He narrowed his eyes and he looked a way that Ihave never seen him

RedTails : A Night Out, A Night In - Chapter 1

tunic which draped over the base of her thick tail and provided a stunning view of her plush, furry, black and white assets whenever she bent over. She was busy arranging the tables and chairs and wiping them down, dusting the torch sconces in the walls, sweeping the polished wooden floor, and other typical barmaid tasks.Noticing the trio

The Bend in the Road

he fancied her or not and whether he was, as he put it, ‘In with a chance.’ Swaggering up to her desk, Patrick suddenly found his world turning upside down. She looked at him and he was transfixed. She smiled at him, and he was lost. She said ‘Hello,’ in her soft contralto voice, and he was struck dumb. I have said that Sally was not particularly

Natalie-Alone Ch. 06

difficult because she wanted me to take care of him while she went out into travels to show her paintings, not even my family could come together…either my parents or a sister but not everyone together so our problems were worst until her parents and I inscribed Mikey for a summer at a daycare which was good and she started living like a normal

Double Booked

large crowds, leaving most of the hotels sporting No Vacancy signs. She barely gave the man at the counter a chance to greet her before asking, “Do you have any rooms available?” “Yes, we do. I’m afraid that all of our suites are booked, however.” Nearly stunned by the unexpected revelation, she let out a little laugh and said, “A plain room is

A new beginning

perfect for us. Now it just seemed like an everyday thing. Go to bed, turn out the light, make love, and then roll over and go to sleep. That was going to change tonight.I had been reading different experiences that people had to spice up their sex life. I found a story about a dominant male telling his submissive what to do to be very arousing.

A Perfect End to a Bad Week

you?" He asked her. "Yours Master," she sighed. And it was. She could feel Him so clearly. His body covering hers as He took her, as He claimed her body, mind and soul. He continued until she was writhing on the floor, whimpering, moaning and when she thought she couldn't possibly take anymore ... "Cum," He told her. She cried out, His name

Space Voyage 2: Alien Planet


Tecumseh Valley

had placed two bowls of watery soup. He looked at the soup, then at his beloved daughter, and tears welled in his eyes. ‘Ah’m sorry, darlin’,’ he said with a sigh, ‘This ain’t how Ah ‘magined it’d be. Ah had no right bringing you and yer Ma out here to struggle and suffer like this.’ Caroline placed her hand on his arm. ‘Pa,’ she replied, ‘We’re

The Truth (Part 1)

of which, are you coming to the game this Saturday?" "Sure." The bell rang and we each proceeded to our own lessons, but the image of Mike's thick cock, cum rolling over its large cap, kept popping into my head. I knew I was bi curious by then, but I never really thought of guys in my day to day life like that. It was creepy, but made me so

Julie Part 10

many files, more than she remembered them making. A quick selection and the movie came on, the title was ' Neighbors Seduction'. She watched as the first scene started with her answering the door. Her attention was broken for a short while as Connie was behind her and the dildo was sliding in her cunt seeming to go in so slow and so far. She

A fitting reward

been a long hard fought battle, but their team had pulled out the victory in the end. The bus ride was going to be a long one and there were only two players who had ridden the bus home. Michael, a white k** who was about six feet tall and kinda skinny, and Robert, or Robo as he was known on the court, a black k** who stood six feet four and was

The Club

orgy, and it was heaven. Well, not technically an orgy because the guys were only touching me and not each other. (triple score, I win) I gave all three my best attention and skills equally and we were all satisfied. Everyone was so happy with the setup, we kept doing it. We started calling it “the club”. Once Diego brought a fourth guy, don’t


final one. While he had never actually been to the church, he knew all too well where to find it and had no trouble finding it. At long last, after passing many dark and depressing streets, he reached the cathedral. He shivered as he looked up at those big, blood red, windows of the ancient building. He thought back to when he had first seen the

Megan Part 4

have I done now? I got back on time!Dominatus: What you have done now you stupid fucking slut is turn up looking like a drowned rat, half dressed and don’t even have the sense to call me sir!Megan shivered as she realised her mistake, and started to type her explanation about her mum calling when she got another replyDominatus: You will be

Photographs Ch. 08

Steve heard him coming and ducked out, but Andy was so preoccupied, he never saw him. Then Mike had his arm wrapped around Andy’s neck, dragging him off me. Andy was huge, like you, but Mike, even at eighteen, was big too. More, he was a wrestler in school, and brawler outside of it. There was another photo of both boys on the ground, struggling,

Vampire sex part 2

pull out his hard dick. It seemed to me bigger than before I could feel the tip of him against my entrance and I knew that this fact was true.He shoved in, burying deeply inside me he started to move, filling me, as I had never before experienced. The way he moved inside of me seemed inhuman. Perfect something that would take years and years to

Stay the Course part 8: Day Two waking up in Toronto

idea of the story line. I heard myself moan, you know that moment between deep sleep and waking up, trying to hold onto the dream that’s making you feel so good. Was I panting? I smiled, the dream I was having, it felt very real. I was bound to the bed, my ankles tied, my thighs spread, my arms stretched at the other end.‘Mmmmmmm.’I heard myself

Best Traffic Jam Ever

quick three night business trip through Miami and then Boston had turned into a week-long nightmare. Before I’d even landed in Boston, the problem that I thought I’d resolved for my client in Miami flared up again. I had no choice but to return to South Florida to re-extinguish the fire. For a Canadian, spending a week in Miami in early March

Governess Whore.

I agreed, “I am in heaven.”“Good,” she agreed, “For I find your pole most agreeable.”I went to sit up to kiss her, but she shook her head, “Later.”My balls were churning, “Time to withdraw I believe,” I announced.“No, please, not yet, tis too soon,” she replied but all at once my seed erupted wthin her. “Oh good lord I am transported,

Alex takes Sarah to the Glory Hole

your towel, and started getting dressed for the evening. I followed suit, stopping to wrap my arms around you, wanting to feel my skin against yours once more before our clothes separated us for the evening. Throughout dinner, you poured my wine faster than usual, and at the very right moment, when my defenses were lowered, your grin came back


us and slowly lowered my zipper. I could feel the heat coming from her tendermost place, and felt my cock start to harden. I pulled my penis from its rough prison and placed the head of it near the entrance to her Gates of Venus. She did not stir save so wiggle her hips just a tad to let me know she was willing. Gods, just think about what being

Times are Changing [Part One]

she would always be his princess. No matter what happened to them on their journey, or where like took them after their move, she meant the world to him, and was what he was most proud of in the world.As he placed his hand down on the gear-stick, she rested one of her own downTo continue reading this story you must be a member. Join for FREE

When Samantha Moved In

me to wait, my cock hardened instantly when I heard Sam squeal and rush to cover herself up. I caught a brief glimpse of her supple tits before she pulled a blanket over herself. That night I masturbated to her again, straining my ear to listen to her moans from my brother’s room. Right as I came, I had an idea… I started planning. I had to have

The Small Town Country Gal

passing through on my way back to Dallas.” “I used to live in Dallas,” she replied, stepping to the side, as the clerk rang up my snacks and I slid my debit card into the card reader. “I like it,” I nonchalantly replied. “So what do you do?” she inquired. “I’m a private investigator,” I replied matter-of-factly. “That so cool,” she replied. “I

Helping out around the house

her nipple poking against her shirt again, except this time, it wasn’t so cold in the room. I flipped thought some channels to see what was on, accidentally hitting a porn channel and fumbling with the remote to try to get that image off the screen. I apologized to my MIL for that and she surprised me by saying that it was OK, she knew I was a

We Meet Again on a Train

only comes with long practice. As we danced I wondered about age old things. I couldn’t help myself. I felt myself being gently steered to a dark corner of the dance floor far away from her sisters. I knew theoretically that a woman could reach a vivid orgasm without actual intercourse, that in fact some could do it when all alone simply by

Tackling an age old question

back, I was about 25-26 tears old and working my ass off building homes. The constant back pain was always on my mind and consequently a part of several conversations I had trying to find relief. I tried massage, heating pads and enough liniments to stock a pharmacy shelf, with little success. Then one day my buddy Ian invited me and my

Aphrodite's Curse Ch. 003

to cum, the women all writhed in overwhelming pleasure as each touch by him sent shockwaves of pleasure through their bodies. He was drenched in their juices as each, in turn, spasmed and came all over him for hours until they collapsed. His transformation kept him from having heart failure from this assault, but what should have been the

Fashion Expert, Make up Artist, and TV Personality

He spank her again, her gasping turns into a low moan. She hears me spit; my cock sliding easily through her abused little hole. She presses back with her hips to meet my thrusts, her knees planted on the floor and her hips lifted a few inches.I mount her pushing her down as the full length of my shaft slides home, my balls gently slapping

I Gave At The Office

voice. “Our problem.”“What do you mean?” I asked her.“If you tell your father...” She held up her hand as I started to make another smart assed remark. I closed my mouth.“As I started to say, if you tell your father we will end up in a divorce court. There is no doubt about it. Your dad is a very proud man and he would not be able to forgive and

A Very Bad Date

with them too. I knew most of them by sight, if not by name and at back then, I had an almost uncanny knack for remembering who had checked in what. Even if they had lost their tickets, I could generally find their jacket. It stood me in good stead too, I got loads of tips. Unless the person was shitty with me, as they sometimes were, and then

Wingate Chronicles: Oral Quickie Class

to suck you off good and hard.” “Hi Sandy,” he smiled. “I’m looking forward to that. I’m Robert.” Rumi was the fifth girl chosen, unfortunately also by a heavyset man. The girls didn’t look at each other. Rumi introduced herself to her client, who said is name was Ben. In a few moments, all the men finished their selections. Jeff had the class

Gina fills in and gets herself filled

I ad-libbed some questions, hoping that the real Shelly would have more information to write a really good piece on them. The interview was nicely wrapped up after an hour and I thanked them for their time and started to pack my things away. ‘Hang on a minute,’ Richard said, ‘What about the ‘cock’ question? Have you forgotten?’ Puzzled and

Not Guilty

of murder if they knew their wife was entertaining two lovers. Why are you so calm about all this, Mr. Young?""As I said before, we have an unspoken agreement. June was stepping out, but I was more than holding my own, if you get my drift," I grinned sheepishly.June was almost apoplectic now. Her eyes had stopped shedding tears were now simply

Lundi Gras

aunt. I lived in Atlanta for awhile, but it was too big, so I came back here. I hang out with these losers’ The bartender laughed and went back to polishing glasses. ‘And run a construction company in the Irish Channel. Is this your first time here?’ Sadie smiled, ‘No I lived here till I was seventeen. We lived on the avenue, and did our laundry

Office Fantasy

lay down.” I obeyed him. I laid on the desk, propping myself halfway up with my elbow, my legs dangling off the edge closest to him. I spread my legs a little as an invitation. He grabbed my knees softly, moving my legs farther apart. He stood closer to my opening. He guided his copius length into me, going slow. pushing as deep as he could,

The Oriental Isle: Chapter 6

sexes squelching, was one which had me wanting to pleasure myself, but I dared not, as my secret would be out. Thus, did Emm bring her to two more climaxes before Milady dropped exhausted.‘Emm, Emm, no, stop, I must rest.’‘Please yourself, I’m taking this young man to bed if you are too exhausted.’With that, Emm dragged me to her bedroom.‘You

rich boys love 32

greatful harvey had ciggerette because after what i just went thought i needed one when we got home (harvey house) sex off the activity list tonight but having saying that harvey did undress me for bed i got into harveys bed naked and he had his arms around me and i had my arms around him he kissed me on my noise i did like a smile laught sorta

A Good Beginning

and I couldn't bring myself to get out of the car. I'd insisted on a hotel for our first time, somewhere I could drive myself too and if necessary run from. Although how I thought I was going to run once he tied me up I had no idea. This was where the fear and I admitted the thrill, was coming from. Once I let him wrap the ropes around me and put