UN Joint Programme on Integrated Highland Livelihood Development in Mae Hong Son

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October 1, 2009
January 1, 2013
USD 4,507,110
Project has gender component.
Ms. Romchalee Ngamwitroj
Project / Program Manager
Email: Romchalee.Ngamwitroj@orange.mfat.govt.nz
Phone: +66 (2) 254-2530

Project Information

This program was developed in response to the human security needs and priorities of the province as indicated in various reports and assessments over the past decade. It aimed to improve the quality of life and reduce poverty among the vulnerable groups in underserved areas of Mae Hong Son through enhancing both protection and empowerment capacities.

This was carried out through a three-pronged approach of improving the skills and therefore income generating capability of the target groups (remote poor farmers, ethnic minorities, migrants and camp-based refugees); promoting sustainable management of natural resources, and increasing the opportunities in accessing social services such as health and education for the vulnerable populace.

Complementary Information

The program employed a pro-active rights and equity-based, gender-balanced and culturally/linguistically-sensitive approach to development, and targeted both women and men in the various project-related activities in order to promote equal opportunities and non-discrimination among the beneficiaries. Young children, women and the elderly received special attention in terms of health, education and other capacity-enabling skills or activities so as to improve their chances of reaching their full development potential.

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Mae Hong Son

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